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Brazen Racing and 100 Races.

We all know that Brazen Racing is my absolute favorite race company. I can honestly say, they even beat out Run Disney. I mean, there local, super good at what they do, and they make you feel like family at every run.

Well today we celebrated their 100th race. Spanning over the last 5 years Brazen has grown exponentially, and each year just gets better. Today was their annual 6 and 12 hour endurance race at Point Pinole Reginal Park. They also hosted 2 5/10k races at 10:30 and 4pm.


We opted for the 10:30am race. I decided to upgrade to the 10k this morning because last week was so crazy that I barely did anything active at all. Even worse, I ate so much food! Good food – but too much of it.

After a quick distance change and a fun morning of hanging out with my sister, cousin, and a gang of really awesome friends I’ve met though running and The Brazen Nation – it was race time.


Due the the endurance runs, our course was slightly modified in comparison to when I’ve run this course before at Nitro Turkey and Nitro just a few weeks ago. For the 10k, I actually had to do a 2nd loop of the 5k course which I’ve never been a fan of. I don’t like courses like that for a few reasons, but the main one being – I dislike seeing the same things over and over again.

But today, I was there to have fun. I didn’t wake up thinking today was the day for a PR. Nope. I woke up thinking I was gonna run a 10k and then get free BBQ.

Whatever motivates me, right?!

The first loop, I ran with my sister and kept her pace. It was fun, because we really haven’t run together in a long time. It also really helps to make the miles go by faster. When we hit the 10k split, she headed off to the finish line, and I made a hard right back onto the course. I also enjoyed running by myself today. It gave me some time just to take everything in, and to just be thankful for everything I have going on right now. I received encouragement along the way, as well as told others how great they were doing. It was fantastic.


As soon as I crossed the finish line, we headed over to pick up a plate of the free BBQ brazen brought in to help feed all the hungry runners.


It was some pretty delicious BBQ.


I topped it off with an ice cream – it was awesome.


Today some of the Brazen runners presented race directors Sam and Jasmin with a book. It’s a compilation of 100 personal stories from Brazenites – telling how Brazen has touched our lives. My sister and I both contributed. I feel like we are a part of history. ๐Ÿ™‚


It was a great day! And I’m looking forward to 100 more races – and even more after that.


The Brazen Streak Continues!



7 thoughts on “Brazen Racing and 100 Races.”

  1. Looks like a really fun face! I have a couple more 10Ks planned and a multi-terrain for later in the year myself ๐Ÿ™‚

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