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Do Virtual Races Count?

A friend of mine has signed up for a few different Virtual Races. With her super busy schedule, these seem to fit into her life much easier than actual race days. She shared the website with me, and I looked it over. I have to admit, I was pretty hesitant about the whole thing at first. It just seems…kind of weird.

I understand the premise, and I think it is great to motivate others to get out and get fit. This is motivational incentive as well, because I know everyone loves bling! I also like that most of the races seem to benefit a charity of some sort.

Today Fit4Life posted a special commemorative run, the Freedom Run. It is a 2.97 mile run (or walk) to commemorate the events that happened in 2001, but also to show strength in moving forward. Racers have between 9/11/2013 and 11/11/2013 to complete their race and log results on their website. This race was $40.00 to register. That seemed a bit high to me, especially since I am running all by my lonesome, and don’t even get a t-shirt, or free post race grub….but this race does benefit a charity for those left behind on 9/11,- so that makes up for it. This particular race is limited to 100 participants, and there is a special custom medal involved (55% of the reason I woke up early to register.)

I plan to do my run tomorrow – September 11, 2013. I will run outside for this one (unless my ankle feels differently.)  I will also run “naked,” Meaning no music…running in silence to honor those that were lost on that tragic September day.

I am 101% certain virtual races will never take the place of real racing, because nothing compares to that in my book – but I think this will add to the fun of my training runs, and that is great too.

Have you ever done a virtual race?


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