Return of the Burpee.

It’s almost the end of another Sunday night and Monday is lurking around the corner. Why must the weekend fly by so  quickly? Just….why?

As mentioned, on Friday I had plans to go to dinner and drinks with my friends. I stuck to my pre-planned menu choice, as well as only having one drink.  (Because  liquid  calories in the alcohol form are the easiest to over consume when you’re out with the girls.)



I got home kind of late because I ended up having to  take a friend to the emergency room, don’t worry – it had nothing to do with our girls night out and everything  turned out okay. But ultimately it was the start of another near-sleepless night. It made getting up for the group run on Saturday a little harder this week. But, I still made it out, joining my sister and 2 friends for a 5.91 mile walk/jog combo. In case you were wondering, yes it bugs me that I didn’t do a full 6 miles. 


We went back to a 1 minute run, 5 minute walk interval because we had a brand new runner-to-be with us, and also after Disney – my foot probably needed a little R & R.


I had fun as usual, and am looking forward to the next one. Afterwards we had lunch and went to the farmers market, which has kind of become the routine.


In the evening I met up with my family to have a post-celebratory birthday dinner for my dad. I got the Cherry Chipotle Salmon, and was happy with my choice.


Today, I planned to get up early to go to the gym…

I really should just accept that I’m not really a morning person anymore. I’m now a night owl…it’s kind of weird.  Anyways…


I woke up at 330am with a huge headache, which ultimately turned into me laying awake for hours and struggling to get out of bed by 830. I had somewhere to be around 1pm and a lot to get done before that, so I felt a little pressured.

This last week just felt really off, and I didn’t stick with any normal routines. Which meant my housekeeping also suffered. When I got out of bed, the mess overwhelmed me. I cannot function in a messy home. So I immediately started cleaning.  4 hours later, I was finally done, but nearly out of time to hit the gym.

The familiar thoughts of “just skipping one workout” went through my head. But I fought with myself over it. I told myself that that kind of thinking is what has kept me from meeting even the simplest of goals lately. So, I made a quick decision…without really thinking it through.

I downloaded the Nike+ Training App and picked a 30 minute circuit for sweating and strength. I chose the beginner level, since I haven’t done anything like this since before October. (Per the doctors orders.)

Without really thinking it through.

The Nike+ app is a good one. It has some pretty legit circuits and it has a lot to choose from, which is great.

But I quickly realized that I am so completely out of shape… It’s almost shameful.

Gone are the days that I could do 100 burpees in 14 minutes. Or real push ups.  Or legit lunges…


It was such an eye opening experience. A huge slap in the face… Where I used to be able to do the intermediate and advanced levels on the app, today I almost died during the beginner level.


I struggled, I shouted out in anger/pain. I shed a tear or two. I cursed at the mean Nike+ trainer lady that made me do burpees for a minute after push ups, and planks.


How I felt.

But I powered through and pushed myself.  Even though my arms quivered in resistance…


But then the b*tch made me do squats…and jump squats too!!! I have always hated jump squats. Now that I pretty much have no muscles left…it was even worse than before!!! This is where tears were shed.


And yet, I completed those too.


Strength training, core building and strong glutes are all necessary to be a better runner. Even more so, when you are recovering from an injury, as it helps prevent recurring injuries from happening. After today I realized just how much work I need to do. So the Nike+ app is staying and will be incorporated into my weekly plan.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day per my calendar…but I’m sure I can get it done.

That moment when…

So last night I was browsing some race photos from the Brazen Western Pacific race I ran 2 weeks ago. 

Have you ever put an outfit on,  thinking  it looked okay… But then realized later it was probably the most unflattering  thing you’ve ever owned?

Ya.  That happened. 

I thought my pretty sparkle athletic  skirt and nifty pink New Balance tank as a nice combo. Except in the photos I found….it was so not.  It showed my legs,  that have lost almost all muscle tone,  and instead have tons of cellulite.  The stripes on my tank excenuate the weight I’ve gained during my tendon recovery period.

Add to the fact that I rarely take a flattering race picture… Nope instead my face always has the craziest expressions. Mostly,  the “near death” kind of expression. 

Photos like these usually  motivate me to get my ass in gear and do the things I need to do to get healthy.  Today,  all it did was irritate me more and cause me to feel a lot of anxiety.

I still struggle with being consistant in my exercise and healthy eating habits. On average, I’m active maybe 1-2 times a week. That’s definitely not enough when you have a sedentary job. 


I was supposed to go to the gym yesterday.  But I didn’t.

I was going to try to go this morning at 5am.  But…seriously – I just cannot  wake up that early.

So, finally during my lunch break I made it to the gym. I spent an hour there, doing things that make me sweat. I have a plan for tomorrow too.

I mapped out my week starting on Sunday. I wrote everything  out from work hours, OT hours,  appointments,  gym time, as well as boyfriend time. It’s a tight week. But hopefully I can stick to my plan.  

As a side note, today I ordered the Garmin Swim Watch.  It should help better track my swim sessions…which  will most likely  be more frequent.

Well,  I’m getting ready to go to dinner with friends. I have already scoped the menu and know what I can eat.  Pre-planning is essential.

Have a happy Friday. 

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.

This past weekend I spent my days at my favorite place with my mom and my sister. Not only was it Mothers  day Weekend, but it was the 4th Annual Tinkerbell Half Marathon  weekend in Disneyland.

Everything  from kids races, a family fun run 5k,  10k,  and of course – half marathon. And for those daring enough,  a Pixie Dust Challenge.  When we registered last year,  we decided to skip the half and just have fun doing the 5k and 10k. It was a blessing in disguise obviously, seeing as how I was just permitted to start jogging,  slowly.

We drove down on Wednesday after work.  The drive is never  fun.  It’s along,  straight and incredibly boring.  After a million miles and a few stops, we finally arrived at our hotel. At first sight,  I was disappointed  in the hotel  I booked this time…but oh well.  It served it’s purpose,  and they had the breakfast  section open early for the runners,  so they scored points there.

On Thursday  we headed over to the runners  Expo. 


It still seemed smaller than what I remember  from past expos,  but did seem larger than the Star  Wars one in January.  It was well organized  and the crazy, hectic lines from expos past were not an issue.  Thanks Run Disney. Packet pickup was breeze,  and we were in and out in no time at all.  We hit the Expo at 930 and were in Disneyland  park by noon. 

The rest of Thursday  was spent playing  at the park,  which  was relatively un-busy. We got back to the hotel a little later than intended, and didn’t get to sleep till 11. With a 230 wake up call…. That was a little rough.

On Friday we were on the ART bus and driving to the park by 405am. By 430 we were on Main Street and awaiting the start. 

The Neverland 5k holds a special  place in my heart. It’s the first Run Disney  race I ever participated  in,  and have always had a good time  doing it.

My sister and I ran the course with no goal in mind at all. We jogged when we could and walked when we wanted too.

We crowed every time we spotted Peters shadow,  and we stopped and took  pictures and just had fun. I loved every  minute. 

The craziest  part of the run,  was the fact that we got rained on.  In Anaheim…


That’s rare! 

But it was so much fun.  I love running in the rain,  and the best part is – we spotted a rainbow  as we were leaving the Parks!  Rainbows also have a special  meaning to me, so it was awesome.

We went back to the hotel, showered and changed and then went to California Adventure and enjoyed the day there.  We tried to get back earlier,  but it wasn’t by much.  So getting up at 230 again  was a little  harder.  But we were in our corrals in time.  Somehow,  Run Disney had me in corral A.  I have no idea how that happens,  especially  when  I put in my official race time.  But it makes me feel so awesome either way! My sister  was in Corral  C, so I moved back so that I could run with her. The 10k was also tons of fun.  We stuck to a structured interval plan of 2.5 minutes of jogging and 4 minutes of walking. We stopped and took pictures once again.  We didn’t have rain this time,  but we still had a great time.


After the race,  we were slightly  disappointed  when we didn’t get a box of snacks… I mean you do pay a ton of money for these races and just a banana seems a little…cheap.  I found out later that they discovered an item in the box had expired so they threw away all 10,000 boxes.

That was probably  the safest thing to do… But it caused a lot of hangry runners.

We spent the rest of our day at Disneyland, unfortunately we headed back kind of early that night. After two days of running,  and 3 days at Disneyland my foot started to swell and hurt more than it has in a while. 

I had to defer my race entry at Rebel Challenge, and will need to register again in June. I’m uncertain that I would be able to complete the 10k and half Marathon without causing  more injury to my foot.  So I’m not exactly sure what to do about that. But,  I’m thankful  I got to participate in this race with my sister.


Double chin action.


From Run Disneys FaceBook page

Like A Freight Train…Not Really.

Today was Brazen Racing’s Western Pacific Races. It’s plural because they host a Full (which is a certified Boston Qualifier!), Half, 10k, and 5k.


It’s also the 7th week since my doctor said I can try adding small amounts of jogging back into my routine in “6-8 weeks.”

So instead of standing on the sidelines, I finally got to participate! Of course I’m only allowed to do the shorter distances so, the 5k was the race of choice. And I got to wear my streaker bib!


My sister and I decided on a run/walk combo of 2 and 4 minutes. We went through all the pre race normalies, parking, packet pick up, and watching the other distances off.


Then we lined up. It was kind of funny because we were reflecting on years past. We’ve been running with Brazen for 4 years now. In the beginning, we were much more stringent, nervous, and extreme. Today we were both relaxed, not in a rush…and didn’t even bother with pre race stretches. We decided to start the race by leisurely jogging through the race shoot and out onto the main course. After 2 minutes, we slowed to a walk for 4 minutes. We repeated that cycle for the entire race. It basically put us at 14:30 minute miles.


Slow was the word of the day, but totally fun were the 2nd and 3rd words of the day! My foot did okay so I’m still hopeful for the Disney Races that are fast approaching.

After the race, we hit the brazen smorgasbord…except this time I passed on the gummy bears, and It’s-It’s ice cream. I’ve decided to try and cut candies and unnatural sugars from my diet. It’s about 2 weeks, and I’m still sticking by my plan. So I had fruits and a few salty chips instead. (It was hot today, and my fingers swelled in protest!)

We went to lunch, and enjoyed more yumminess. Sorry….there’s no photo – I ate it way too fast. Haha!

After coming home, I had to log on right away and start my overtime hours. Which is really nothing to blog about. Thankfully I’m done though, and am looking forward to a short work week next week!

And you know…a slow jog around Disneyland with 1000’s of other Tinkerbell participants.


Gone For A Run.

On Friday night, I did not sleep well at all. In total, I probably slept about 2.5-3 hours. Normally, on a Saturday that wouldn’t matter, because I’ve been in “recovery mode” (you can also read that as lazy) for months now. But this weekend, it mattered, because I had plans and had to be up early!

My plans were to go for my first “run” since October.

Ya. It was a pretty big day.

Friday was the doctor approved date for me to “add running back to my routine, slowly.” So my sister, my friend, and I all headed out for the Saturday morning group run hosted by our local running store. We chose the middle route, which totaled 4.5 miles. There was a shorter route of 2.85 miles which we could have taken if things went south.

The night before, we got some much needed rain, and it lingered on Saturday morning. But it was welcomed, and I have always loved running in the rain, so I took it as a sign of good luck. It was basically a light, sporadic sprinkle that helped keep things nice and cool during our little adventure. The route itself was nice, with green, tree lined streets, farms and minimal hills.


And also…it took us through my favorite little park that has a pretty epic slide.


Thanks Attempted Runner for the pic.

…that I chose to slide down, even though it was wet. The water made the slide super fast! But my pants and bum where wet for the rest of the run.

#fail. Oh well. It was worth it.

I had a lot of fun! It was awesome to be running with my sister again, because that’s always an adventure. Even more awesome, was the fact that my friend ran for the first time ever and learned that she can, in fact, run for a minute at a time! I was proud of her, and am secretly hoping she gets bitten by the running bug.

My foot basically reacted in the same way it did during the walk from last week. It didn’t hurt during the run, but it was a little sore in the evening with a little swelling. I iced it when I got home, and today I woke up, all pain and swelling was gone.

My pace was very slow, but that was intentional. Doing 1 minute jogs with 5 minute walks doesn’t exactly equal fast…but I had so much fun just being outside doing something familiar, that my time wasn’t even a real concern! It’s almost like I was just running just for fun, and previous to my injury I kind of lost sight of that, and what it felt like.

Please note that my Garmin says 4 miles…we actually did 4.52, but my Garmin didn’t start right away and I didn’t notice until a 1/2 mile into our route. :/
I do know that this journey isn’t over. And running again is going to be slow, and may have some bumps in the road…but I’m going to take it one day at a time and just hope for the best.

After the run, we got coffee, hit up the farmers market, went to lunch, REI, Hobby Lobby, and Cost Plus. After a full morning/afternoon of fun I came home and worked a few hours of overtime…that was the least favorite thing of my day.

I have a 5k next weekend, and the Tinkerbell races the following weekend. So this week at the gym, I plan to stick with swimming and non-weightbearing activities to allow my foot added rest/recovery time. Next weekend we plan to try a 2 minute jog/4 minute walk combo to see how my foot fairs with that at the race.

Fingers crossed, it continues to go well.

A Full Week…

When I last posted, I had a lot of good things to focus on.  On Saturday, I met up with my friend and we headed over to the group run early in the morning. We opted for a 4.4 mile route, and walked the entire thing.


At the end, I missed a turn, which wasn’t detrimental – but did add an extra .46 miles to said route..for a total of 4.86 miles.

Oops. Oooh how I wanted to make it am even 5. But I played it safe, and didn’t.

My foot did okay during the walk. We held a 20 minute pace, which isn’t super slow, but is far from speedy. I didn’t seem to have any problems that day, but the next morning it was a bit sore, even worse was the pain I had in my knees, hips and lower back! All areas I’m apparently going to have to focus on in strength training!

After the walk, we hit up the farmers market and a Crepe shop. I picked up some fresh squash and zucchini because I wanted to try my new kitchen gadget, the Vegetti®.

(In case you’re wondering, yes I giggle every time I say the word Vegetti®.)


For your viewing pleasure.

Let me just say, I love this thing! It’s quick and easy to use, clean up is a snap and the dishes I’ve made so far are yummy!

An example would be todays lunch, which consisted of a squash, a zucchini, a bit of olive oil, garlic (and lots of it), red pepper flakes, basil, pepper and a pinch of salt… And Wah-la!

Literally from prep time to cook time, was 15 minutes.


So yummy!!! And so much healthier than the pastas I could eat instead.

Moving along….

I made it to the gym on Monday, and did the rowing machine, stairs and bicycle. I chose mostly non weightbearing because that morning I noticed some pretty substantial swelling in my foot. Yes, this is a bit of a set back, but after icing and some Motrin it did go back down.

Tuesday I let my laziness get the best of me. I have really had a difficult time staying motivated….it’s actually sad. And frustrating!

Wednesday I decided to go to the gym at lunch and swim. I picked lunch, because I still had energy and I find that the days I work OT, I’m even less motivated after work to leave and go to the gym. Added benefit: The pool (and gym for that matter) are pretty much empty and it’s perfect. I swam for 31 minutes just exceeding 50 laps.

Today, I swam again – but this time it was at an outdoor lap pool. Being outside is soooo much better than being in the gym! I really enjoyed it! I swam a mile in just over 43 minutes.


Then I sat and just soaked up the the sun for a few minutes before having to head back to work. (Boo!)


I struggled with sleep last night, so after working more overtime today, I ended up exhausted and falling asleep on the couch. I guess the added rest day is okay, considering tomorrow is the first day I’m okay’ed by the Doctor to try some jogging.

I have to admit, I’m excited but also scared. If there’s any pain I have to stop. But, I’m hoping for the best. I also have friends coming along, so I feel better having the added support and encouragement.

I’ve been thinking about the fact that I’m just struggling so much with making wise food choices, and staying motivated to get to where I want to be. I don’t remember it being this hard in the past, it may have been…I just don’t recall. I’ve made the decision to abstain from candy and unnatural sugars for the next month. I know this is going to be a real challenge! But it will be good for me.

Best thing to remember, is even when it gets hard I should just keep trying. Eventually I will get there.

Things I’m Excited About…

Coming back to work after vacation is never easy. I was technically supposed to be on vacation through Wednesday of this week, but cancelled my days so I could use them in August instead.

Let me tell you…working this week – did not excite me. But oh well. Let’s move on to things that do!

First off, it’s Friday! And even better, I cancelled my overtime that was scheduled for tomorrow – so I get a full weekend to enjoy!


Second, I’m going to join my old running group tomorrow morning…not for a run though. But, for a walk and I have a friend coming too! I’m looking forward to getting out and enjoying the nice weather we are having. And admittedly, just being part of a group again. Being injured really makes me feel like an outcast! Anyway – the walk will be somewhat of a test too, just to see how well my foot does on hard pavement.

Third, this test is because I’m one week away from being able to start jogging per my doctors instructions! It’s been a very long time since I’ve run without pain or with doctor approval…basically since October. So, I’m looking forward to it!


Fourth, I got the official guidelines and waivers emails from Run Disney for the Tinkerbell Race weekend yesterday. I’m only doing the 5k, and 10k. (I signed up for this race pre-injury!) And I’m pretty much going to have to walk 75% of it…but I don’t even care! I had to defer the Rebel Challenge in January, so to be able to participate at all is AMAZING!


My sister and I even started planning our race outfits for both races and everything. It actually gave me the old, yet familiar feeling of pre-race jitters. Something I haven’t experienced in quite a long time! (After doing over 30 races last year alone, jitters no longer happened. What can I say?)

Fifth, I actually had to re-order Nuun to restock my supplies in anticipation of my upcoming training schedule and races! Yay!

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I will be able to crank out six miles next Saturday with a 9 minute pace time.

Hell no.

It’s more like 2-3 miles…with a jog here and there. But I am so excited to be able to start somewhere! It’s going to be a little touch and go…because if any pain happens I have to stop again. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I’m also altering my training schedules to include a lot more non-weightbearing activities and less running over all (in comparison to my pre-injury days.)


True Story.

This just means when I get to run – it will be a welcome activity! 

Lastly, I went shopping and bought lots of healthy foods and have pre-prepped meals. My goal is to get my eating habits back to my pre-injury days too.

Well, that’s what I’m excited about…

I hope you’ve got a list too – have a great weekend readers!

Home Sweet Home.

This last week I went on vacation. Vacations never seem to last long enough. A work week can drag on, but vacation weeks are incapable of doing that.

It’s so unfair.

I traveled to Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. I have never been to either city, so I didn’t know what to expect. Ultimately I had a nice time, enjoyed my days there and the new sights to see – but all in all I am happy to be home in good Ol’ Californ-i-a.

Seattle reminds me of a scaled down San Francisco. I’m not a fan of SF, only because I’m just not a city girl. I kind of felt the same way about Seattle, the city just doesn’t excite me. I went to the Seattle Aquarium, Pike Place Market, the Woodland Park Zoo, the Space Needle, and the Pacific Science center and the metropolitan police museum. I tried some of the seafood and even went on a boat tour. The weather was surprisingly nice, I only experienced rain when I got off the plane, and then again when I got on my plane to go home!







We took highway 101 down to Portland, Oregon stopping at Cannon Beach to find Haystack rock. If you’re an 80’s baby like me…you know what this rock stands for.


That’s right…Goonies Never say die.

We also stopped at the Tillamook Cheese factory! I had a yummy grilled cheese sandwich there, it was delish.


In Portland, we went to the Stepping Stone Cafe, a tiny place featured on Man Vs. Food. It was a totally chill atmosphere with great prices, generous portions and yummy-licious food! I even got the “mancake.” A pancake that size of a small city.


We visited the Portland police museum, the USS Blueback, and took a wonderful mini hike to see two beautiful waterfalls. I also watched Furious Seven, and then ate some amazing Texas style BBQ.






Of the two cities I preferred Portland, it still had the SF feel to it, but reminded me much more of Alameda, a beachish town here in California, that I can handle a little better. Plus there were runners EVERYWHERE! It was awesome to see so many people outside running along the waterfront.


We had a lot of things to smash into the 5 days we were there so resting was just not an option. I am exhausted and not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

While we hiked the short 1/2 mile trek to see Multnomah Falls in Portland,
I had a bit of a reality check. The trail was much like many I have run before. But I realized that my injured foot just doesn’t bend/flex in the way that it used too. My trail running is going to be a lot different once I’m able to run again. But, as I walked along the wet, dirt path amongst the trees and smaller waterfalls – I realized that it didn’t matter if I cannot run the way I used too. The fact that I will still be able to walk, jog, or try to run the trails again in 13 days is enough to make me happy. Just to be out there felt right. And that’s what’s important.

Speaking of right – I did manage to work out at the hotel gym one day, and we did do a ton of walking all week. (All of which my foot did well with!)

I kind of went on one last hurrah today when it came to food, but my plan is to hit the gym tomorrow and also to go grocery shopping so that my eating will be much better.


The Pre-Vacation, Vacation.

First things first : I have not worked out at all this week. I pretty much took a vacation from that…not intentionally. But still.


Now that that’s out of the way….

It’s been a(nother) busy week, mostly because I worked overtime since I’m going on vacation this coming week. On Monday I did make it out for a 1 mile walk around a local lake. It happens to the same lake that I will be (finally allowed) to run around in May!


Everything was okay. My foot brace was a little too tight. But as soon as I loosened it, all pains stopped.

Tuesday I worked overtime and then had evening plans. That included drinking a bit too much wine.

Wednesday I worked more overtime and didn’t get off work until 830pm. I was exhausted by then and was in bed by 9. Thursday I worked more OT, and babysat my younger cousins. This included playing dress up, Monster Jam, watching Tangled and reading bed time stories. 

On Friday I had a day off, and I used it to clean house like crazy. I even steam cleaned my living room carpet! I had errands to run as well. And, of course, packing! By the time I was done with everything I had on my to-do list, it was almost 9pm.

This morning I worked more overtime. Once it was done, I could finally say that I’m officially on vacation.

I probably should have gone to the gym today, unfortunately I woke up this morning with cold symptoms. I’m not surprised since I plan to hop on a plane on Monday. Isn’t that how it always works?! Instead I finished the last of my errands and came home and took a nap.

Tomorrow is Easter and I have plans with the family that I’m looking forward too.  it’s actually supposed to rain here in Nor Cal, which is welcomed and much needed. It just means that all of our Easter egg festivities will be inside.

Monday morning I’m boarding a plane and headed to Seattle and then Portland. I’m looking forward to the get away and especially because it’s out of California. I haven’t been out of state (minus quick trips to Neveda) in a long time! I packed workout clothes, but only because the list of places we plan to eat it, is extensive.

Go figure.


Dory is a Smart Fish.

Well. I didn’t sleep again last night. I laid awake for hours and hours. Finally falling asleep around 5am and waking up at 930. Man…is night time boring.

I mean seriously…

It took me a while to actually get out of bed because I didn’t feel well at all. So by the time I was ready to leave my house it was after 1130, which meant it was already hot outside. I thought it over and decided that going to my trail might not be the best idea. So I grabbed my gym bag and new swim suit and headed to the new gym.


Crazy hair.

I planned to do the treadmill, bike, row machine and pool. I absolutely love the gym on Sunday’s. There is no one there! I seriously counted 10 people. It was awesome. The other gym I go to is actually below ground, so there is no windows. I really enjoyed all the natural light that filled the new gym this morning. I really needed to see the blue sky and sunshine. I hopped on the treadmill and walked for 5 minutes. Then…I admit, I jogged at 4.2 pace and slowly increased that to 5.2 over a 15 minute period. The good news is, I had no pain, until I hit 5.2. As soon as I slowed it down the pain stopped. It was very slight but any sign of pain is something to be cautious about. It was enough to make me sweat and for a few minutes my mind was silent. It was the best thing that happened all day.

I ended with a 5 minute cool down and moved to the bike where I did 20 minutes of the “random” course on level 7. I’m glad I’m able to increase my resistance, it tells me that my legs are getting stronger.

Then I went to the locker room and changed into my swimsuit, I hit the pool and swam 50 laps in 31 minutes. I did have to stop a few times because my arms were getting tired. That’s why I opted out on doing the row machine as originally planned, I figured my arms would be spaghetti.

After my workout I felt okay, admittedly I still had some anxiety floating around. But if I had to rate it, it would be a 4 as opposed to the 11 it was before I got to the gym.

I showered and changed and then decided to get a mani/pedi. It was nice and relaxing and the massage chair really helped my back and shoulders.

I came home and my little cousins came over and watched a movie with me. I also applied some jamberry nails things…it’s definitely going to take more practice because I’m not too pleased with how my first ever application turned out.



A few things I realized today. One, is that I really need to work out daily. Swimming was fun, so I’m going to try to add it in more.

Two, I know jogging wasn’t the smartest thing to do. And while I enjoyed it very much I am going to do my best to wait the 4 weeks I have left for the official go ahead before I attempt anymore miles.

Three, as I was swimming I thought about the movie Finding Nemo, and of Dory.


Ironically, when I did the Disneyland half in 2012, my second half marathon – which was right after recovery from another ankle issue – my sister got me a Disney Pin Traders Pin of Dory which I wore to the race. I was running alone and she told me no matter what happened – just keep swimming. I had the pin with me and when I got tired I looked down at it and was motivated to continue on.

So Dory’s in my head again…

I will just keep swimming…