Apparently I’m an Artist.

Happy Sunday!

I’m currently sitting at the Auto Repair shop. There’s not much to do here, except wait…

So it’s a perfect time to blog!

I had a four day weekend due to the holiday, and it just seemed to blow right by!

Yesterday I spent the day with my sister and very good friend. We met up for lunch, and then attended a Paint Nite event.

Let me start by saying that I have never painted a picture in my life. The closest thing would be a paint by numbers book I had when I was 5 and even that, I just colored in with crayons.

Oddly enough, when I was little I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. But I also wanted to be a monkey…so I’m sure no one took my ideas too seriously. (I still think it would be fun to be a monkey…)

Our lunch was really good, and it included bottomless mimosas during the entire length of the Paint Nite event!

So yummy.

We then went to a back room where all the paint stations were set up.

We picked our seat and waited for the class to begin.

The instructor was fun and the music was good. We painted away, using basic strokes and techniques perfect for the novice Picasso’s that we were.




The mimosas kept coming and the laughs and fun continued!

It took about 2.5 hours, but I was actually sad when it was over! I wasn’t ready for the fun to end.

I was pleased with my finished piece though! For never painting anything, and barely being able to get a stick figure to look nice, I felt my painting was beautiful!

The title of the picture is “And straight on Till Morning.” Which was the perfect title for this Disney/Peter Pan lover.

When I got home, I looked for more events to try. All the ones in my area where sold out! Apparently everyone is on to this! If you haven’t tried it, gather some friends and sign up for one!

Thanksgiving 2015

As with the rest of my life, this year’s Thanksgiving was full of change. First off, for the first (and almost second) time I did not run the traditional Brazen double turkey races this week. Last year I didn’t run them because I was in a cast…but I was still there volunteering and just being a part of a mini tradition started back in 2011.

This year, I was no where near the races. Instead I was 3+ hours away from the start line, and my entire family.

My boyfriends job is not one where he normally has the holidays off, so since he had it off this year (by sheer luck!) we decided to go visit his family for the holiday.


I was happy to be able to spend the holiday together, since next year he will be working…but I sure did miss my family.

And my families food.

His family’s dinner was good, but it didn’t taste like home…and we all know how much I’m missing that these days. I kind of didn’t know what to do when certain staples weren’t there…like, how does one eat turkey without the cranberry sauce?!? How???

I was perplexed.

Being away from everything I know, really helped me to remember to be thankful for what I have in my life, as well as the new things I have.

I’m thankful for the close knit family that I’ve grown up in. I’m thankful for the time we spend together, even as it dwindles throughout the years. I’m thankful for my boyfriend, and for his family and the hospitality and holiday they shared with me this week. It is nice to know that we are both loved so much by our families. I’m thankful for the time off provided by my job for the holiday, because not everyone has that luxury. I’m thankful for the fact that no matter where my holiday was spent, he and I were together, because I know this will not always be the case when duty calls.

And I’m still thankful for Brazen Racing, my goal will be to make sure I’m able to participate in the 2016 Double Turkey races.

Missed Classes and Trails.

Hello Lovelies!

We are nearing the end of another Sunday here on the West Coast. I hope you had a good weekend!

The last part of my week (and the continuation of my Healthy Life Revival) has been pretty okay.

On Thursday I didn’t really have a plan like I had all the days before. It kind of scared me because I felt like without a plan, I was more apt to not do anything – because that’s really what I wanted to do.


I looked at the class schedule for the Health Club, and there just wasn’t anything that appealed to me. I thought that maybe Thursday could be my run day – but I still didn’t feel ready to run. I actually felt fear about running.

Thankfully, in the nick of time – my sister was available to go for a walk. So, we ventured around my new neighborhood. That’s not something I ever felt safe enough to do in my previous neighborhood. People did it all the time where I used to live, I just never did. It was a casual 3 mile stroll, but it was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect, and it helped me see the surrounding areas.


found this guy on my walk

On Friday, I was soooo looking forward to going to a Barre class taught by the same instructor that did the stretch class I was so happy with. Because I live so close to the gym, and because I had to go during my lunch break – I didn’t leave till the last possible minute. I went to start my car, and it decided that it was going to take a rest day…

and didn’t start.

I fiddled with it for a bit, looked under the hood, googled a few things…and then watched the clock change over to 10:01am…and then I felt so bummed because I knew there would be no way I could make it to the new class on time. I ended up going back to work and deciding that I’d have to do something later that night.

Friday ended up being a stressful day overall. By the time I got off work I needed to get away from the house. I went to the gym and hopped on the ‘ol treadmill.

It was slow, but mostly because I was just afraid of hurting my foot. I took a few intentional walk breaks, and just tried to make sure that I was running with proper form. I ran slightly over 3 miles and in just over 40ish minutes. It was very much needed, no matter how slow it was, so I was thankful for the time spent.


On Saturday I wanted to try the Barre class again, but between working OT and the guests we had staying with us, it just didn’t work out again. Still so bummed about it, but the good thing is, I can try it this coming week and with the instructor that I enjoyed so much.

Saturday was a rest day, and while my body was thankful for it…mentally I felt a little guilty and wished I had a better plan for the rest day. But, I knew I had plans for today – so I felt better and excited!

Today’s pre-planned Rene de vous stemmed from me reaching out to friends at the beginning of the week. It worked out that we were able to meet up for a walk at my favorite park in my old hometown! It’s one of the places I miss the most since I have moved. What more could I ask for? It was pretty much shaping up to be the best day ever!

We walked slightly over 3.5 hilly, traily miles in about an hour and 15 minutes. We chatted, enjoyed the surroundings and the fresh fall air. It was great!

After our walking-get-together I headed over to my Weight Watchers meeting, and was happy to see that I had a 3 lb loss for the week. I basically had to start from scratch this week with the program because I just wasn’t following or even trying previous to last Sunday. Being mindful of my food was  much different then just eating. I struggled some days, but ultimately stuck by the plan and was thankful for the structure that it provides, especially during my weak moments. To top it off, they had a raffle, and I won a cookbook!


Here’s to another week!





This Has Nothing To Do With Fitness or Food.

Hello all!

You might be surprised to know that my whole life doesn’t revolve fitness, running, weight loss, and the struggle that all of that is.

Nope. There’s actually a lot more to it…

Today I decided to blog about two monthly subscriptions that I have been getting – just for the fun of it.

There’s Birch Box and Ipsy – both offering monthly boxes containing makeup, skin care, and hair products tailored to you based on an online profile that you fill out.

They send 5-6 beauty samples that are exclusive, larger in size or sometimes full size.

Both run about the same in price, I pay 10.95 for each, and shipping is free. Birch Box also offers a yearly subscription option, and has boxes for men too.

I like Ipsy because each month I receive a cute bag with my samples. 



So far, the products I have received have been things that I would use, or am interested in trying. My biggest complaint is that every month I’ve received a eyeliner. Although all are different in color and formula – I’m not a huge eyeliner fan. I wish there would be a little more assortment each month.

Their customer services are only available via email or social media – but they are very responsive, which is great.

I received my first Birch Box this month, and am happy with the products inside. I really like the eye shadow. Birch Box seems to allow a little more customization of your monthly box, with add on’s and other things. It will take a few more boxes to make a fair comparison, but at this time I am equally happy.



The best part of both boxes is that it’s a fun little gift to myself. Who doesn’t love receiving fun things in the mail? Also, for someone who is constantly wearing gym clothes and is usually covered in sweat – having new products to try, and pretty make up shades to flaunt is a fun way to just be girly.


This post is completely on my own accord. Neither company has contacted me or compensated me in any way. I just thought maybe others would find this to be fun!

Have a happy Friday!

Muscle Pump and Power Stretching.

Happy Hump day!

We are half way into the week and I’m still working on my “healthy life revival…”

Monday went extremely well, and I’m still super stoked about it.

Tuesday started out great! I slept well the previous night, so waking wasn’t the struggle that it normally is. I had a tasty Weight Watcher friendly breakfast filled with protein which really seems to satisfy.

But…by that afternoon I started to feel very tired, and really wanted to snack on ALL THE THINGS!!! I craved everything I need to stay away from – namely gluten and/or sugar filled foods.

I really had to fight with my inner-self not to splurge on all the foods floating around in my head. Around the same time, I started to have doubts/fears/anxieties about going to the class I planned to attend that evening.

I had already posted my plans on social media so I knew I had to go. But…man did I not want too.

Class started at 5:30, I didn’t leave until 520. I’m so glad the gym is just two blocks away!

Toting the name “Muscle Pump,” It was basically a moderate/high level aerobic style class incorporating weights.

The instructors headset didn’t work, so she just yelled over the too-loud music. But she didn’t yell loud enough so I had to keep my eyes on her the entire time.

I was a bit shocked and disappointed to see how poor her form was while doing any of the weights/exercises. It was so sloppy! She offered no instruction to others whose forms were just as bad. So, I’m thinking she just isn’t aware? There was a sign on the wall with her photo, her listed degree’s/certificates and other tid bits of info that suggested she’s extremely educated and experienced…and yet that’s not what I saw.

The class itself wasn’t the best. In fact, I left feeling slightly disappointed because I had higher expectations.

With that said…

It was still beneficial to go because it allowed me to work out for one hour in a setting that was outside of my house. Working from home, I need to get away so that I can separate myself from my work day.

Again, attending a class offered some direction which I am looking for. Her form may have been terrible, but thanks to my years of training I knew exactly what I needed to do and the mirrors in the room helped me to make sure I was lifting properly. After all, I sure as hell am not trying to (re)injure any part of myself!

I’m not really sure if I will attend this particular class during this day/time slot. I may try another lead by a different instructor though.

Today I went to a Power Stretch Class, and I completely and totally loved it!!! It was a perfect midweek class. One hour of wonderful, all over, deep stretches/breathing that really just helped my entire body. It was also right in the middle of my work day – what an awesome break! The instructor was very welcoming, positive and calming. I will definitely do this class weekly, and I’m glad I tried it. It’s going to be a great, and essential class when I start running again!

Before I sign off, I’ve managed to do well with my food/point targets with WW as of yet. I’m feeling a bit better too. Since I stopped eating gluten again, the swelling in my stomach has gone down a lot. I feel less tired, and my joints aren’t hurting like they were just a few days ago. I’ve found meals that help keep me fuller longer so I’m less likely to snack too much due to constant hunger. I’m also trying to stay mindful when it comes to my food so that I don’t fall into my known pattern and struggle with B.E.D

When a Runner Goes to Spin Class.

Yesterday I let you in on some top secret information…

Okay…it’s no secret.

I went to a class at my health club. Since I’ve been feeling so unmotivated, and lost when it comes to fitness – I thought maybe a class would be a good way to get something in, with automatic direction.

I had to go and sign up 30 minutes prior, so I arrived at 6 and got that taken care of. I made my way to a treadmill and decided to walk for 20 minutes while waiting for the class. I had it set at 2.5 because I was walking with a purpose – employing the techniques I learned with the run coach last week to help correct my foot strike.

Boy, did I have to concentrate! Walking with proper form is not natural to me anymore. After over a year of compensation for my torn tendon, my gait has changed drastically. I really had to work on getting my foot to do what I wanted it to do! By the time I was done…I was already sore!

I headed over to the classroom. There it was on the glass doors : Spin Studio.


That’s right. I was attempting a Spin Class. I haven’t done a Spin class since the year 2000.

15 years.

15 looooong (yet oddly – very short) years.

As a runner, it just felt awkward trying to strap myself into the bike. I already felt confined in a way. But I tried to keep my prejudices at bay…I tried to appreciate the art of Spin. After all, it was allowing this injured runner to participate in something – and it will help me build strength and burn calories and maybe anxiety.

We started the class with a pedalling/stretching warm up. We moved into hill climbs, and sprints, team sprints and more pyramid type workouts. The instructor added core strengthing exercises to our spin session too, which was great. (And also a bit embarrassing, because my core is really weak right now and I wobbled a lot.)  After an hour of pedalling and turning my residence up, up, and sometimes down – class ended with a quick cool down and a few more stretches.

I finished the class, and was happy that I went to it.

Am I blown away by spin? Am I super excited to go again?


And also no.

Although it was fun, and I did breathe harder – it doesn’t matter how fast I pedal or how high the resistance is, it is not running. It just didn’t give me the same feelings I get when I run.

I also didn’t sweat up a storm. Granted it was my first time, and I didn’t go at 110% – I did push myself. I wanted to sweat, so I pushed as much as I could. And still, I wasn’t covered in sweat at the end. I was sweaty – just not 6 mile run sweaty.

My legs did feel like Jell-o when I left and going up and down stairs was a bit of a challenge, but today I’m not very sore. I actually thought I would be, and although I am slightly sore, it’s not that much.

What is sore…is my vaginal and butt bones from sitting on that hard and skinny seat!!


Apparently this is a common Spin ailment?

With that said, I do plan to continue with the class. The instructor was nice, and motivational. It forced me to do something, allowed me to push myself – and my foot was okay with all of it.

Plus with the core, quad and lower back work – it can help make me a stronger runner in the long…




The Original Spin Class.

Who knows, maybe as I get stronger and better, I will be able to push hard enough to obtain the sweaty soreness that I desire.

My eating was also really good yesterday. So I am excited about that accomplishment. I’m half way through Tuesday and I’m still doing well food wise. Tonight I plan to try a different class at the gym…I will let you know how that goes later on!

The Run Coach and Dresses.

Remember the Health Club I wrote about last month?

Confession: I haven’t been to it since I last posted about it. 😱

It was somewhere in the beginning of October, which honestly feels like forever ago. Instead, I’ve had some major life changes, been under stress, and to be honest – just completely unmotivated.

This whole last year has been a real struggle. It’s definitely been a roller coaster of Fitness vs. Nothing.

Some of it has been due to physical limitations, but most of it is due to just my mental struggle within.

With so many changes happening over the last 2 months, although good – I finally had my melting point this weekend. I mentioned part of it in my last post.

But let’s just dig a little deeper, shall we?

It all started on Thursday of last week. I had an appointment with a run coach through my new health club. It was a free one hour session as a trial to try to get me to sign up for personal training sessions.

I met with the coach at 5pm, after an already exhausting day of work. The coach was a nice, older gentleman, with 27 years of running experience. He was extremely educated in regards to the body and how it works. He offered many training tips to specifically help rebuild the strength and mobility in my (still injured) foot.

After the session, I came home. My boyfriend made dinner, and as soon as we sat down to eat…I broke down and cried.

My sweet boyfriend didn’t really know what was going on, but he took it in stride, and we talked about what was bothering me…

Although the session with the run coach was educational – it was eye opening. I struggled with seemingly simple exercises. My foot just physically cannot do a lot of what it’s supposed to do. The simple act of even just standing correctly – is far from simple. We went through a series of specific exercises to ultimately help correct the issue – but it was extremely difficult, somewhat painful, and overly frustrating.

This injury has been one of the most aggravating, debilitating, and discouraging things to happen. It doesn’t just affect my running…it affects my day to day life. Walking, standing, and even sometimes sitting can be difficult. The week of my move it got so bad, just wearing my shoe was extremely painful due to the amount of swelling that occurred from being on my foot too much. I could barely tie the laces…

Thursday’s session cemented how much work I have ahead of me. On top of that, even if I do all of it – there’s no guarantee that I will even be able to continue running. It is certain that I will never be able to run as much, or as far as I used too…which is heart wrenching.

My boyfriend suggested (foot friendly) alternative sports – but any true runner knows, nothing compares.

On Saturday, I decided to try on two dresses I purchased 2 weeks ago for an upcoming girls trip. When I purchased the dresses, I was limited on time so I just pulled my size and that was it…

It was a horrendous event, that showed me how much my body has physically changed since I am no longer running, strength training, or doing anything besides stressing, over eating and partaking in too much wine.

My breaking point was that night. As mentioned I went out to get food for dinner. I ordered a burrito…and even though it was disgusting – I still ate it.

And I ate all of it.

And then I drank lots of wine….and went to bed basically drunk. This, after already eating poorly the entire week.

Food that is not nourishing, or even tasteful is not worth eating and yet I just ate it. It was all due to emotions, and me trying to bury them within the food.


Well it all showed up on the scale when I went to Weight Watchers on Sunday.

The 4+ lb loss I celebrated just the week before, I was now mourning. Because I gained more than half of that weight back in just a weeks time…

I sat in the meeting and didn’t really pay attention to what was being taught. Instead I was stuck in my head, worried about the upcoming all-food-holiday, my girls trip, what to wear…and just my overall health.

Today I woke up with thoughts of just giving up.

Giving in.

And accepting that there’s too much I feel like I can no longer do, and that I just like food way too much.

So, that’s when I decided to come up with a new plan. I’ve done this several times, but this time I feel like the quality of my life depends on it.

First – I went to social media. I feel like posting something there makes it so that people know what I’m doing. It makes me feel more accountable. I reached out to friends who I know struggle too, and offered to help encourage them. I set up a weekly goal with one of my friends, and a walking date with another.

Feeling like I now had support, as well as people depending on me to follow through – I made my plan for the day.

I stuck to healthy, gluten free, and protein filled foods. I added water into my day. And I made a plan for the gym. I attended a class, which I will put into another post – but I am proud of myself for making it through today.

I’m only going to focus on one day at a time for now, but my first goal is just to loose at least 5 lbs before my girls trip which is 3 weeks away.

3 weeks is not long. I can commit to that and hopefully rebuild my base with healthy habits within that time frame.

So. Here’s to rebuilding myself and my future.

Home Sick Burritos.

This Saturday has pretty much flown by. I woke up and worked overtime, then headed out to run some errands. I had a migraine on Friday, which has lingered, so by the time I was done shopping my body was just exhausted. After taking a two hour nap, I woke up and realized it was time for dinner…

And that’s pretty much when my whole self just fell apart.

I’m struggling with missing home. My new place doesn’t feel like home yet. I’m not really sure how long it will take before it does. I lived in the city I call home for 30+ years. I’ve been in my new area for 2.5 weeks. So I assume I have to give it a little more time.

Tonight, I’m feeling a lot of emotions. I’m feeling a little lost. All of my friends are over an hour away, and it’s not feasible to just hop in the car to go see who is free tonight.

When I left to go get dinner I really had no idea where to go. When I found a place, I didn’t know what to order. I didn’t know that they were cash only. (Thank Goodness I actually had cash on me.) I had no idea how to get home, and everything looks so different at night.

I found my way home and ate the food I bought…and it tasted nothing like the food at home. It was gross. And boring. But I still ate it.

That’s when the tears started falling. I literally sat in front of my food and just cried.

I miss home. I miss my home. I miss my friends. And my family.

I miss my little cousins that used to ring my doorbell every day after school, and run off “to hide.” They’d pop out when I opened the door and then happily tell me all about their day at school. 

I miss the little hummingbirds that I fed, and that would come every day to eat.

I miss the flowers in my backyard.

I even miss how the air felt at home. Living by the bay – it had a certain quality to it.

I’ve shed a lot of tears tonight…hopefully tomorrow will feel better.

Cohabitation and Apples.

Happy Monday Blog World.

This Monday brought thunderstorm to my drought stricken State, and let me tell ya – all of Northern California is jumping for joy.


The rain is pretty much over now, but we are all hoping and praying that this is a start of a rainy (El Niño) filled winter.


This last weekend I was supposed to unpack billions of boxes. But after weeks of packing and moving a week and a half ago – I just wasn’t feeling it.


My family goes up to Apple Hill, an area above Sacramento that is filled with Apple Farms, every year. This last weekend just happened to be the annual event – so at the last minute I changed plans and decided to go.


From apple hill Growers facebook page

I really am glad that I opted to get out of the house and away from all things moving related!

We went to three of the Farms and enjoyed some shopping, wine tasting, fresh fruits and veggies, lunch and of course – yummy apple deserts!


My favorite was the wine tasting of course! Wine is delicious and apple wine is absolutely yummy!


I ended up buying an apple blackberry wine to add to my wine collection!

Being gone all day Saturday was nice, but it meant I still had to face reality and try to get a few things unpacked on Sunday. After a long day of running errands, I was able to get 4 boxes unpacked. So, at least it was something.

It’s been a week and a half in my new home, and so far it’s going well. My cats seem to be adjusting…


As for me and my boyfriend, we are getting used to opposite work schedules and living with each other. It’s been an easy transition so far. Some of my favorite things has been cooking dinner together, movie nights at home,  and just having someone to say good morning too each day – among other things.

I STILL haven’t managed to get to the gym. Part of it is just time, and not managing it well. The time change has been a little difficult to get used too, it’s so dark by the time I get off work, that I’m not in the mood to leave, adjusting to a new daily schedule, and lastly I’ve just been pretty tired. Moving takes a lot out of me!

But the plus side is, I happened to lose 4.8 lbs this last week. I was kind of surprised when I weighed in at Weight Watchers and saw the loss.

I’m convinced it’s from carrying boxes up and down the stairs! It also might be the fact that I really tried to eat better this last week. 😉

Moving into November.

Happy Midweek Fellow Bloggers and Readers. I hope all is well in your world.

In my neck of the woods, we are getting used to the end of daylight savings time, which means it’s pretty much dark by 530pm.

Not my favorite thing!

Temperatures also seem to be dropping, and the air finally has the crispness that only Fall can bring – which is one of my favorite things!

Last week, was a blur, I made the big leap on Thursday and officially moved in with my boyfriend.


Moving Truck Madness

I had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off – and boy do I wish I could have done something a lot more fun! I am thankful for the time off though. Trying to move when you’re also working would be the pits.

My cousin came over on Wednesday and helped me pack whatever I had left over.

Moving/packing has been an eye opening experience. I’ve moved 4 times in my life now, but this time I realized just how much crap I own.

And it’s pretty ridiculous.

I kept filling boxes with things and kept wondering why, when, where and what made me want to own any of it in the first place.

The movers came early on Thursday and I filled the 26 foot truck to the brim with all of said crap. It took 7 hours and just shy of 1,000 dollars to move and unload all of the stuff.

That is just stupid. 😒

By Sunday I completely broke down and cried my eyes out… I was just so overwhelmed by the amount of things I had….and didn’t actually want or need!

I have been unpacking boxes since that day and in doing so, I am finding more and more things to donate. (I donated a lot while I was packing it all up.) I’ve filled garbage bags full of trash, wondering why I held on to so much uselessness.

One of the worst (and best) parts of this move was finding so many things tucked away from my past. So many pictures, cards, and letters and other items from my ex husband. I’ve held onto them through my past moves – but refused to this time. The best part has been tossing things in the trash and just feeling so free afterwards. Literally…relief!

Another good thing has been how well my two fur babies have handled this change. Cats, like me – don’t do well with change and I was worried about both of them. One is almost 8 and the other is 12, they are pretty set in their kitty ways. 😼


But they seem to be doing great, and they are both warming up to my boyfriend. He’s doing an amazing job of helping them adjust as well. When he leaves for work, he looks for them in their hiding spots, and talks to them. When he comes home he does the same. If they come out while he’s home, he does his best to make them feel comfortable in their new environment. He’s never owned a cat, so this is a new experience for him too!

It’s incredibly heartwarming! ❤

The unpacking continues, but soon it will be done and hopefully I won’t have to move again for a looooong time!

My next goal is to get my gym schedule back on track.

Does climbing up and down 15 stairs over and over count as cardio??? Because that’s all I’ve been doing lately and my calves are pretty mad about it.

Enjoy the rest of your week!