Dory is a Smart Fish.

Well. I didn’t sleep again last night. I laid awake for hours and hours. Finally falling asleep around 5am and waking up at 930. Man…is night time boring.

I mean seriously…

It took me a while to actually get out of bed because I didn’t feel well at all. So by the time I was ready to leave my house it was after 1130, which meant it was already hot outside. I thought it over and decided that going to my trail might not be the best idea. So I grabbed my gym bag and new swim suit and headed to the new gym.


Crazy hair.

I planned to do the treadmill, bike, row machine and pool. I absolutely love the gym on Sunday’s. There is no one there! I seriously counted 10 people. It was awesome. The other gym I go to is actually below ground, so there is no windows. I really enjoyed all the natural light that filled the new gym this morning. I really needed to see the blue sky and sunshine. I hopped on the treadmill and walked for 5 minutes. Then…I admit, I jogged at 4.2 pace and slowly increased that to 5.2 over a 15 minute period. The good news is, I had no pain, until I hit 5.2. As soon as I slowed it down the pain stopped. It was very slight but any sign of pain is something to be cautious about. It was enough to make me sweat and for a few minutes my mind was silent. It was the best thing that happened all day.

I ended with a 5 minute cool down and moved to the bike where I did 20 minutes of the “random” course on level 7. I’m glad I’m able to increase my resistance, it tells me that my legs are getting stronger.

Then I went to the locker room and changed into my swimsuit, I hit the pool and swam 50 laps in 31 minutes. I did have to stop a few times because my arms were getting tired. That’s why I opted out on doing the row machine as originally planned, I figured my arms would be spaghetti.

After my workout I felt okay, admittedly I still had some anxiety floating around. But if I had to rate it, it would be a 4 as opposed to the 11 it was before I got to the gym.

I showered and changed and then decided to get a mani/pedi. It was nice and relaxing and the massage chair really helped my back and shoulders.

I came home and my little cousins came over and watched a movie with me. I also applied some jamberry nails things…it’s definitely going to take more practice because I’m not too pleased with how my first ever application turned out.



A few things I realized today. One, is that I really need to work out daily. Swimming was fun, so I’m going to try to add it in more.

Two, I know jogging wasn’t the smartest thing to do. And while I enjoyed it very much I am going to do my best to wait the 4 weeks I have left for the official go ahead before I attempt anymore miles.

Three, as I was swimming I thought about the movie Finding Nemo, and of Dory.


Ironically, when I did the Disneyland half in 2012, my second half marathon – which was right after recovery from another ankle issue – my sister got me a Disney Pin Traders Pin of Dory which I wore to the race. I was running alone and she told me no matter what happened – just keep swimming. I had the pin with me and when I got tired I looked down at it and was motivated to continue on.

So Dory’s in my head again…

I will just keep swimming…





Admitting When Things Aren’t Right.

Week after week I blog about my attempts at eating right and staying fit. It’s really been hit or miss lately, and the struggle just seems to mount as time passes.

Well. This blog post is about to get personal…but that’s okay.

I’ve mentioned before that I struggle with compulsive over eating. I’ve been through therapy, and group classes in efforts to defeat my inner food demons. I finally got to a point about 2 years ago that I felt confident in being able to control my compulsive habits.

With the recent changes in my exercise regimen and other changes in my life, I’ve found myself struggling once again with the all to familiar cravings, anxiety, and frustrations.

I am pretty certain it has a lot to do with my inability to run.  I started running as a way to decrease my stress and to get healthy again after my divorce. But quickly found the consistent running actually worked for my anxiety and insomnia better than any medication ever prescribed. Because of my new found exercise consistency my doctor took me off all medications used to help with the things I was dealing with at the time. And for me personally, it worked 100x better than anything they had ever given me before.

Well…I haven’t run for 21 weeks now. And over those 21 weeks I have slowly declined. I have attempted other forms of exercise, and although it helps temporarily – it does not have the same effect that running did. I am once again awake most of the night, unable to sleep because my mind is overly anxious and ruminating over various thoughts.

I am viciously tired throughout the day, and often looking for quick bits of energy just to make it through the work day, which often leads to sugar cravings and binges.

Most of the time, I feel like I have electricity running through my body. Not really, obviously…but I don’t know how else to describe the constant jittery, flight or fight feeling pumping though my veins. It causes me to feel incredibly agitated and that leads to anger.

It’s constant and it’s exhausting.

When I felt this way before I could escape to the trails… Sweat felt like a purging of all the extra adrenaline I seemed to carry with me. I felt exhausted at the end – but I also felt free of everything that was weighing me down pre-run. And I slept…every night.

When I can’t do things that way, I look for temporary euphoria to squash down the chaos. This is usually done with food, or shopping. Both of which are  bad habits and hard to break.

Now, I still have other ways of working on my anxiety levels – but when it gets bad like this, those methods don’t always work fast enough…so I often choose the quicker “fixes.” (That are not really fixes at all.)

Also bad.

Today…I’ve hit a new low. My food binge today has been worse than any other I’ve had in a very long time. I even went to Taco Bell and that’s very bad. It’s one of those places that I have intentionally avoided for over 4 years because it’s a major ltrigger food.

And…today I couldn’t muster the strength to stop myself from making the decisions I did. I’m not going to list everything else I’ve eaten because it will only add to my shame, which will cause more anxiety.

All I have to say is…
Yes. This happened. I’m not perfect. And that’s okay.

I’m aware of the path I’m on, and it’s a dangerous one.

I have more work cut out for me than I originally thought in this recovery process.

I’m not able to go to the gym at this point right now…but my plan (hope) is that tomorrow I can wake up early and go to my favorite place. I can’t run. But hopefully the fresh air and familiar trails will allow for some mindful meditation. I am going to have to sacrifice some things in the next few weeks and just put myself ahead of everyone and everything else.

It might seem selfish to those around me, but what they don’t realize is – I have to do this to be a better me, which means I will be better around them.

The first thing I have to do, is wake up tomorrow and take it one decision at a time, and cut myself some slack…and breathe.


Sometimes I Get Crafty.

Believe it or not, I do other things besides struggle with food and anticipate the joy of running.

I actually do lots of other things, even though it hasn’t felt that way lately. Ha!

So I’m going to give a tiny tutorial on a fun, and fast craft project I embarked on recently.


As mentioned in my last post, I had friends over for a fun girls night. We had a wine tasting party – complete with wine scorecards and everything! (I tried to really make it legit – and not just admitting that we were all just there to chat and drink our week away…)

For my wine party we chose to have everyone bring their favorite vino and share it. Which meant we had whites to reds and everything in between.

I made sure every guest had 2 glasses, one for white, and one for red!

But if you know me – you know there has to be some sparkly-something-somewhere…

So I scoured Pinterest, and found myself a nice little project.

First, I went to the Dollar Store and bought 24 glasses, 12 of each type.


Then I headed over to Hobbie Lobbie and got foam brushes, Mod Podge, and of course….Glitter.

Step one, I washed all the glasses and made sure they were completely dry before the next step.

I then taped off my stems. Now, you can place the tape anywhere you’d like, but I chose to keep it simple and towards the bottom.


Try to make sure the tape is straight! Also, I found that leaving the tab made it easier to cut off at the end. I didn’t use painters tape, but the Scotch® tape actually worked perfectly.

Next, I took the foam brush and painted on the Mod Podge.


Best advice here is not to make the layer of Mod Podge too thick, and also to do even coverage. Do your best to go just below the tape line and not over it. When it dries and you pull off the tape, it might peel the glue. Also, I did not paint the bottoms of the glasses. This way it would not be uneven and would not cause it to tip or anything. (spilled wine is always sad/bad.)

Next : cover it all in glitter!!!


I found that separate bowls (and actually separate brushes) for each color (I had 4 colors in total) worked best. This way nothing mixed together.  Paper bowls were great because they could fold and allowed me to pour glitter back into the containers easily, and without having glitter all over the place. Glitter completely, so that no white is showing and if you see bare spots, jiust add a little Mod Podge and then sprinkle more glitter.

I set the glasses on wax paper to dry. Again, the bottoms are not painted, but the edge of the base was, and I didn’t want it to stick to the counter..

I let the first coat dry for about 2 hours then added another thin layer of Mod Podge and, of course – more glitter. The amount of coats really depended on the color, some where very light and needed 3, others only 2. The drying time in between each coat remained about the same 2 hours. It could have been less, but I was busy doing other things in between my project.

The last coat of Mod Podge I applied, again on the thin side, but made sure to cover every inch of glitter. The last coat seals it in and allows you to safely HANDWASH (only!) your wine glasses. There are other mediums you can use to seal it, and some are strong enough that if done properly – can allow your project to be dishwasher safe. I did not have 28 days to use that product and allow the glasses to cure though – so Mod Podge and hand washing it was.

Due to the number of glasses I had, it took me about 2 days to finish everything, this included all the drying time. The final coat I allowed to dry for a full 24 hours.
But here’s the finished product :



I let the guests take their glasses home as a little gift. They loved them, and the one friend that knew about my little project said that they looked amazing in person, even better than the photos.

So there you have it! Now, go glitter your world.


Things I Like to “Wine” About..

Another long week has passed. It was a rough week as far as food and exercise goes. But that’s not a surprise…at all.

After bowling the night away on Saturday with my family, Sunday was a low key day. But I managed to make it outdoors late that day, and go for a 5+ mile walk at my favorite park.


It wasn’t a run, but it didn’t even matter. If I’ve learned anything from this torn tendon injury – it’s this : I love running. It means the world to me. But…just being able to walk is a blessing too. Gone are the days where I would be completely disgruntled about not being able to run. Do I miss it?

Hell yes I do.

But…now I just treasure it even more. Walking is just as amazing in the fact that my foot actually works, and is allowing me to go 5 miles without searing pain, or without just flopping around. I could barely take 5 steps before!

I actually got slightly “lost” on my trail and that’s the only reason I went as far as I did. I’m still building my mileage and didn’t intend to go that far that day. I wasn’t really lost, but I remembered a trail incorrectly and had it backwards in my head. It actually would have only been about 3ish if I went the opposite way. Oooopsies.





Thankfully, my foot held out and I only felt a bit of tiredness, and a smidge of pain from wearing the new orthotics. (That’s a completely different “pain” than the tendon tear. It’s more annoying than anything.)

Monday and Tuesday I used as my rest days, which is hindsight, may not have been the best idea. But oh well, I enjoyed them. Wednesday I went to the gym late at night and plugged away with the same boring things I’m allowed to do. I really am looking forward to the days I can start adding running, and other things back to my regime! But in the meantime, something is better than nothing.

Nothing is exactly what I did on Thursday. I was completely exhausted from not sleeping the night before (insomnia is a real bitch.) And I had to clean house and prep for an upcoming wine party.

See why doing rest days on Monday/Tuesday was a bad idea?

Friday I had planned to hit the gym before my friends came over but I spent more time (and money…) at the optometry department than I originally intended. I just couldn’t fit it all in…

I had 7.5 (a baby was included in that count – don’t worry…no wine for her!) of my friends over for an at home wine tasting party. We tasted many bottles…probably too many! But everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.


My favorite, ironically, was the wine I brought to share. I’ve never tried it before, but thought it sounded interesting.


The Chocolate Shop wine is a red wine that literally tastes and smells like chocolate in a bottle. It was yummy!


The only bad thing about the wine party is that I now have about 6 opened bottles of wine with no possible way of consuming them…sorry grapes. I just wasted you.

It was a fun night though.

Today I’m supposed to work overtime, but part of me just wants to sleep (meaning go back to…since I’m awake at 5:45 on a Saturday) and then get outside for the day. I definitely need to be active both today and tomorrow!

Trying To Get My Mojo Back.

It’s been a long week. Lately, every week just seems to drag on and completely drain me of any energy I might have had left. It’s really starting to annoy me.

Since my last post, on Saturday after the race, I intended to go to the gym. But it didn’t happen…instead I drank lots of wine, ate too much and went to bed early. 

I woke up on Sunday and felt insanely guilty. After spending time with my cousin and shopping at Dick’s Sporting goods – buying things I probably don’t need, but had an insatiable want for… I came home and took a nap. I woke up knowing that I needed to go to the gym. It took me a little while, and of course a few internal arguments – but I finally made it out the door. I did the same combo of approved exercises, which I have to admit is getting rather routine and boring, but I still felt better after going.

I was (surprisingly) sucessful on Monday, making it to the gym on my lunch break. That’s always a good thing because it gets the gym out of the way, breaks up my work day, and the gym is not crowded. The only downside is that my time is limited since I have to rush to get back to work. Tuesday I happily went for a 3 mile walk at my favorite place. I had a smile on my face the whole way, and loved the feeling of sunshine on my face and real air circulating through my lungs. It was St. Patrick’s day and I was surrounded by all things green!




Wednesday I worked from 8am-7pm and then had evening plans so the gym just didn’t happen. Oddly enough (insert sarcasm here) I completely over ate that day…shocking, I know. On Thursday I woke up feeling so tired, and had a long work day ahead of me. By 6pm, I cancelled my overtime and…fell asleep on the couch. I contemplated going to the gym really late, since it’s open 24 hours, but ultimately ended up relaxing at home with a glass of wine.

No Regrets.

Until Friday that is. I am trying (I should use that word loosely in this context) to get back to my normal fitness habits, where working out isn’t such a chore or struggle each day. So I planned to only give myself 2 days of rest. But after working another 12 hour day, I just wasn’t looking forward to anything that was outside of my bed.

I sucked it up however and made it to the gym before it closed. (They close early on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.) I decided to mix things up and try out the new gym that just opened last week. It’s the one that has the pool, spin classes and yoga classes. I’m kind of glad I went because the facilities are very nice, new and clean. Plus they have equipment that my other gym does not. Namely, the row machine. I love rowing machines! Especially right now, during my limited weight bearing status. I rowed way across 2500+ imaginary meters and enjoyed every minute. My palms however, did not. I have callouses and blisters on both sides!!

I also did the bike, stairs and walked on the treadmill.

Today I worked more overtime, and had evening plans with my cousins (15 of them!) So my free time was once again limited. But I still managed to make it to the (new) gym and carved out 55 minutes of cardio. Hopefully soon I can start adding in more weights. Right now that pretty limited as well.

It’s almost midnight which means Sunday is lurking around the corner. I have another really busy day planned, but am hoping to get another good workout in. That would mean I accomplished my goal of working out 5 days this week. I think I can do it, afterall Sunday’s are my favorite days – and quiet/empty Sundays at the gym are awesome.

Sidenote: Tonight I spent the evening bowling and I just need to add – that I’m probably the world’s worstest bowler…good thing I chose to be a runner and not a bowler.

The Lucky Leprebadger.

Last night I had a really hard time getting to sleep, so when my alarm went off at 430 – I was slightly perturbed. But it quickly faded because I remembered it was race day.

Noooooo. I wasn’t running! But I was headed to Brazen’s Badger Cove Race at Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore. This park is one of my faves, and at this time of year it’s so green and so pretty. It also reminds me of my favorite local regional park. Dirt trails and “rolling” hills surround a small lake. (Rolling is an understatement….)


This course is in the top 3 of all the brazen trails for me, so having to pass on it this year did bum me out. Especially when I saw the shirt and medal for the race! This race has a St. Patricks day theme, with the ever lucky Brazen Leprebadger!


There are a few benefits to volunteering. You still get to be with your friends on race day. You still get to enjoy the lovely California March weather.


You get a shirt, and if there are enough left over – a medal!

Also you can earn race credits!

Annnnd of course you get and It’s-It ice cream. 

Today I helped hand out St. Patricks day flair, and  then I unwrapped 1250 medals and set them up so they could be handed out to our race finishers.


Then I helped refill water coolers and stuff. I could only stay for 4 hours, which I was thankful for because I was wearing my new inserts and standing for that long started to hurt. No wonder the doctor told to break them in in 2 hour increments. I feel pain all the way up my legs and into my sacram…. I’m sure it’s all due realignment. But holy heck!!!


Anyway I had fun helping today. And I ran into many friends and it was great to see everyone and be in my element again.


Now for a nap before I hit the gym!


Emma is also ready for a nap.

Life Allows Do-Overs.

I can sit here and explain to all of you how I completely fell off the wagon again, and how I really need to focus…and blah blah blah blah blah.



But I’m gonna save it – because I keep saying that, and I just keep messing up.


I have one good week followed by a few not-so-good weeks, then get back on track…then completely sabotage myself again.

Damn. It’s a vicious cycle.

As mentioned before….I have no legitimate excuses. I just keep falling into old patterns and I’m just not trying and/or motivated enough to want to fix all the things I’m doing wrong when it comes to healthy eating and fitness.

Since I last updated the ‘Ol blog-a-roo, I haven’t really worked out at all. My ankle/foot hurt since my last post and I took full advantage of that to tell myself (quite convincingly) that, that meant I couldn’t do anything at all. I put the boot back on for a few days and I just laid around doing nothing active. I ramped up the overtime at work, since sitting didn’t hurt my foot. I also ate all kinds of food. Just…all kinds of it. And it was delicious.

Welp….all my crappy decisions have taken their toll.

Is anyone shocked by this? Because I’m not.

But let’s move on to the more positive things. The first is that after a rough couple of weeks in the food department of my life plan, I have managed to stay on track this week and have actually gone down in weight per the scale.

So. Score one point for me.

The second is that my custom orthotics finally arrived, and I picked them up yesterday. It is crazy how modified the arches are in comparison to my original superfeet inserts.


Mines on bottom...aggressive much?

I shoved those babies in my shoes as soon as I got to my car from the medical offices, and am surprised at the difference I feel in them. My foot feels good, but I can feel the difference in alignment up my entire leg and into my lower back.

Third. I made it to the gym late last night. I have to admit, In the middle of the day I was excited to go and try the new inserts. But after working, going grocery shopping and coming home to put everything away, my excitement dwindled. I really had to force myself out the door once more. But I did it…

I did the stairs-of-death, elliptical and bicycle – the same workouts that my doctor approved. Thankfully, I had no pain during the 60+ minutes that I sweated my day away. This is a welcome relief after the last 3 weeks of foot pain.


Post gym selfie!

Today, I just wasn’t feeling well at work so I signed off early. I really just needed to get away from my desk and get some air. I had emailed my doctor yesterday asking when I might be able to try running again, and he replied today with 6-8 weeks! It has to be slow, I have to build my mileage with caution and I have to stop at any signs of pain. But, just having a time frame is absolutely the best news! He also said that I can start walking further distances. So today, for the first time since December 27th, I headed over to my favorite park.

I went for a very slow 2.5 mile walk. But as I happily walked along the familiar trails, I quickly realized that slow miles are better than no miles. After my walk, just to be cautious, I iced my foot. It didn’t hurt or anything, I’m just a little scared of messing up my chances to run in 2 months.



Please ignore my hair and no makeup style.

Originally I wanted to try and walk a Brazen 5k tomorrow, but after today I think that trying anything over three miles would be pushing things too quickly. So instead, I plan to volunteer at tomorrows race. It’s one of my favorite ones, and I really wanted the shirt!

I did register for a flat Brazen 5k on May 2nd! That’s 7 weeks away, and right before the Tinkerbell races in Disneyland. I think it will be a good test to see how things are progressing. I definitely won’t be running the race, but I plan to try 1 minute jogs along the course. Just to see how it goes. Disney has a 16 minute per mile pace time, so as long as I can get my mile time down a little bit I think I will be okay.


Slow and steady

In the next 8 weeks I plan to continue to go to the gym doing the bike/stairs/elliptical and walking 1-2 times a week, very slowly increasing my distance. As well as keeping my diet in check.

Everything will be based on if there is any pain or not…so I will just take my time.

Also, I’m trying the Asics Gel Fortify. Another shoe in the motion control family for severe over pronators such as myself. I like it because it is a bit narrower than the New Balances I’ve been wearing. This is helpful because it allows for less movement in the shoe itself. So far, I like them!

I’m just very thankful I finally got to go outside and enjoy the sun and fresh air! I loved it.

Happy Friday the 13th!

I have no good explanation. Like…none.

I’m so glad the weekend is finally here. This last work week seemed to be tortuous! And the worst part is, I didn’t even work a minute of overtime. For some reason, each day work seemed to drag on. My computer was slow. My brain was slow. Everything moved like molasses in December.

It just took every ounce of energy I had in me to make it through the week. Each morning I’d wake up and fight getting out of bed. I’d wrestle with the thought of calling in sick, and try to figure what ailments seemed legit. Alas…I never called out. I felt guilty doing that, because I wasn’t “sick” enough to actually say I was sick.


Ultimately I think I’m just tired and burnt out from working so much overtime all the time. So the week off of extra hours, even though it felt hard – was welcomed.

However this week has been a bit of a major fail everywhere else. After the last two semi successful weeks (first being epic, second being…ok) this week I just took a big, ginormous, hard hitting, fall off the proverbial wagon.  


Since Sunday, I haven’t been to the gym.


I haven’t even tried to be active. I actually tried harder, not to be.

In the food department, I haven’t tracked my food…or drinks. I’ve eaten every bad thing I could get my hands on. I’ve shoved gluten-filled foods in my face, and watched as my stomach painfully swelled in rebellion.


Sriracha, I love you.

I have no idea what the f**k is going on. I can’t even begin to answer as to why I derailed so severely from my healthy track.

I just can’t.


I planned to try again today, to wipe my slate clean and move forward…except I’m already thinking about the pie that’s left in my fridge from yesterday’s calorie-catastrophe. 

And I don’t want to go to the gym, because just the thought of doing anything that requires energy….is annoying. And even worse my ankle STILL hurts. :(

Wish me luck as trudge through the minutes of this Saturday, and try to  make all the right decisions in an effort to better myself and my health.

Hopefully my next post will be less depressing, and more sunshine and rainbows, and other happy things.

Another week down…

Hello Everyone. I hope your Sunday was a good one.

Well, since I last posted – I’ve had an okay week. I made it to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and today. So much for attempting a full week! On Tuesday I worked late and just felt incredibly tired and unmotivated. Wednesdays workout was late at night, but I was happy to get it done. Truthfully, I told myself I could only partake in celebrating National Wine Day with a glass of wine, if I made it to the gym – is that bad?


But it got me there, and I had a yummy glass of wine afterwards so I consider that a win/win.

On Thursday I worked overtime and didn’t even have dinner until 9pm…I was not about to try to make it to the gym after a long day like that! On Friday I made it to the gym during lunch, trying to smash in a good workout during the day so I could go out with friends that evening. I opted to do the stairs of death. I went slow, but stayed on them for 40 excruciating minutes. At 35 minutes my ankle/foot started to feel tired. At 40 minutes, I felt twinges of pain. :( Not good…

That evening my friends and I had dinner, and drinks…


And then saw 50 Shades of Grey…yep total girls night out! Although I wasn’t too impressed with the movie, I had fun! And felt even better knowing that I had made it to the gym earlier that day and still had time for friends and fun. 

I was supposed to meet my cousin at the gym on Saturday, but when I woke up at 730am, I just didn’t have the motivation energy to go. my bed totally held me hostage.  Plus my ankle was still hurting so, I was actually too scared to go. Instead I worked more overtime and then ran a few errands. One of which was getting this nifty wine rack from Cost Plus!


My wine bottles were all over the place, and now I have a nice spot to store them properly! I love it! I feel so fancy now.


This morning I slept in, which is always a nice treat, then made it to the gym around 930 am. I love Sunday mornings because the gym is pretty much empty! It’s so awesome! What isn’t awesome is that I still felt pain in my foot. So, I opted to do 45 minutes on the stationary bike. It was pretty much complete torture…sitting on that bike is so uncomfortable! But, at least I got to do something – and without putting too much stress on my foot. I also did upper body weights.

When I got home, it was apparent that I needed to clean house…

And right away.

That turned into almost 6 hours of cleaning, dusting, washing, sweeping, vacuuming, and everything else! I feel like I’m constantly cleaning these days, but today I really went to town. I finally hung my Brazen Streaker Frame during my cleaning extravaganza! Ya…the one I received on 12/27/14. Talk about being a slacker!


After a quick trip to the grocery store, I spent my evening preparing for tomorrow’s dinner. I’m making homemade lasagna from scratch, and the sauce takes over an hour to make. So in order to cut down on total prep time tomorrow – I got busy in the kitchen tonight!


Don’t you wish blogs where scratch and sniff?

I’m not too sure how tomorrows weigh in will go. I was far less active this week, but still managed to stay within my daily goals when it came to food.

As for my foot, on Thursday I was casted for my custom orthodics.


Which should arrive in 4 weeks. I’m obviously going to have to take it easy again and probably stick with the bike until the pain goes down. I may even have to wear the boot again if the pain doesn’t subside within the next day or two. This really has been the injury from hell! :/


Love and other things.

Hello Lovelys. How is everyone doing during this three day weekend? The same weekend that included Friday the 13, followed by love and hearts on the 14th? Ironic, no?

Well, since I last updated the Ol’ blog, I’ve actually had a progressive week! I stuck to my guns and focused hard on my food. I stayed within my daily goal, and kept my choices in line with a healthy and gluten free diet. I also made it to the gym everyday, with the exception of Wednesday and Friday. (I planned the break on Wednesday, and overbooked myself on Friday – but still think it was okay to have 2 rest days.)

I’ve been sticking to the same plan for the most part while at the gym, which is basically a variation of the doctor approved exercises. I started every workout with a slow warm up on the stairs of death. While stairi-ing away. I alterned between high knee raises/back kicks/twisting high knees with each step for one minute each for 10 minutes, then increasing the speed for 5 minutes just a bit so that I can get my heart up, and sweat flowing. Once done with that, I’d do 35 minutes on the elliptical, set on the random course/level 5 (this week). After that, I go to the stationery bike and do 15 minutes on “random.” Between the bike and the elliptical, I’m doing a 10k (plus some) a day…and although it’s not running, it makes me feel like I’m doing something good. Add the stairs in, and I’m definitely a sweaty mess by the end of my workout!

Every day, except Sunday, I hit the weights alternating between upper and lower body each day. Lower body weights are still very limited, so on those days I typically add in some core exercises.

I’ve also weighed myself every other day, I find that it helps motivate me. I know that the scale is just a number, and doesn’t accurately reflect my progress…but damn if I don’t feel better when the number goes down.

Some of the nights I didn’t get TO the gym till 10pm…I was tired and honestly not feeling it…but I powered through!

Today was my official weigh in day per my plan, and I’m happy to report that I lost 4.8 lbs!

My OCD was really hoping for an even 5, but still – I’m happy. I know this won’t happen every week. It is characterisric of this plan to drop a higher amount of weight the first week, and then 1-2 lbs the following weeks.

I’m not gonna lie…even with this week’s success, I still struggle daily. It takes so much time, thought and effort. So, I’m just going to take it one day…and meal at a time.

I realized this last week how much I took things for granted before. Before my injury, I was in such a routine that going to the gym or for a run, didn’t really seem all that hard. It was just a part of my day. I also need to add, my injury first occurred in late July. This was only a short time after “making it official” with my boyfriend So, I admitedly had a lot more “me time.”

This last week, I REALLY had to make time for myself and the gym. Even if that meant not getting to the gym until 10pm. Or leaving my boyfriend during “our time” to hit the gym for a little while. Which actually really sucks because our time is already limited due to conflicting work schedules.

My dedication even showed on Valentine’s Day. I left his warm bed, and arms….to go to the gym and sweat like crazy. The entire time I hated it!!!! Cursing myself for leaving, and missing him. But after my workout, I went home and started to get ready for my Valentines day dinner date. When I put on my form fitting dress, and it actually looked decent…I didn’t regret it anymore!

I haven’t had a Valentine’s day date in a very long time, so I actually felt a little nervous. As silly as that may seem.

We went to dinner at a very nice steak house. The food was very good, and I enjoyed it. Afterwards we went home and watched movies and laughed and had fun. It was a great day.



Well, here’s to another week!