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Race Days and Mom Friends

I think I’ve looked at the Brazen Racing Race website about 50 times in the last 6 months. I’ve run every course. I know which are flat and stroller friendly and which aren’t. And the last 50 times I fill in the registration page and then back out.

I’m too scared to see run the races. Waking up at 4am isn’t easy anymore… seeing as I am up most of the night. I have to bring the baby with me due to my boyfriends work schedule, and I worry about everything from weather, feeding times, potential illness from daycare, and so on. I’m also worried about having to drive at the very least an hour each way for each race. I can’t just get up and go like I used too. They have a remote racing option, but 1) it’s just not the same and 2) I’m not sure I want to pay 44.95 to run anywhere but the trails with Brazen. Long story short… I keep hoping to do races but they seriously just stress me out now. And it sucks.

HopefullyI will get over this fear I’m having a run a few races in 2018.

I also hope that by 2018, I will have a new circle of active Mom friends.

Making friends in your late 30s isn’t easy. I remember making friends in elementary school. It went something like this:

Me: “hey, do you want to be my best friend?”

Them: “yes.”

Me: “yay! Let’s go play!”

I kid you not, I am still best friends with my 2nd grade best friend to this day. Alas, she now lives in Hawaii…and I, across the pacific in California.

Since moving 2 years ago, I feel like I’ve lost contact with most of my friends and family. Although I’m only an hour away, you’d think I’d moved to Canada, because very few are able to hang out these days.

Since becoming a mom I’ve tried to surround myself with other moms of babies my daughters age. Through groups and fitness groups. I have made friends with about 10 people, but we are still in that awkward stage of getting more comfortable with each other. Plus all the moms I’ve met are now starting to return to work.

Returning to work as a new Mom is the hardest thing to do.

So right now, all of us moms are hormonal, emotional, over worked, tired, wrecks. I’m sure it will smooth out in a few weeks… but until then, I’m just sitting here. Waiting for something cool to happen.

Have a great day!

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Run Club and Missed Races.

Hello fellow bloggers and readers. I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving, and enjoyed whatever it is you do on Thanksgiving.

I spent my time trying to go between two families, and sadly could barely eat any of the yummy food. My daughter has a milk protein allergy as well as a soy allergy, so I have had to eliminate anything that contains either of those. Which pretty much means all Thanksgiving food…

Oh well. It made the holiday more about spending time with loved ones, and less about stuffing my face.

Anyway – to update since my last post, which was almost a month ago now…

I mentioned then, that I had joined a Fall Run Club. It was a part of the Fit4Mom group, held on Saturday mornings for 8 weeks. It was a training course for a local 5k that would be held on Thanksgiving Day.

To be honest, I really hesitated on signing up. It cost $109.00 for the 8 weeks and it didn’t even include the race entry fees. I thought to myself, why pay so much money when I can run on my own?

And then I remembered that I have had a hell of a time finding the time and motivation to get my butt out the door for even the smallest run. I figured even though it seemed a little steep, I could consider the 109.00 fee an investment in myself. I felt like the group training would help me meet other moms, which has been a goal of mine since becoming a mom. It would hopefully motivate me to exercise.  I could take my daughter with me, so I didn’t have to worry about that.

So, sign up I did.

I had high hopes.

Of the 8 classes I believe I only made it to 5 of them. My daughter got sick, then I got sick….then my asthma got involved and it was just a big ‘ol mess.

The group run sessions also started at 7am.

7am when you have a 4-5 month old baby is hard to do.


On the days I did make it, I loved it.

I loved running, I loved running with other moms, I loved waking up in time to see the sunrise, I loved the cold air, and the sweat, and the miles I completed.

We had weekly homework assignments to do, and I actually loved getting them done. I did all of the homework, and even make up the runs I missed all the way up to 2 weeks ago when I got sick. I haven’t had an asthma flare in a long time, and this one was pretty bad. It also took 3 weeks to get over the cold I had, and that included a 7 day course of antibiotics – which makes running impossible.

When I look back on it, I’d pay 109.00 again because it was well worth it. It was the motivation I needed to get at least 2 runs in per week. I did meet new people, and most importantly – I had fun.

I had signed up for the race, but then had to back out at the last minute because of changes to our Thanksgiving day plans. Thankfully the race offered refunds up to a certain date, so I was able to get my registration fees back.

Today was the first day I have been able to make it outside for a run since 11/7. I was really itching to get outside and go! My sister joined me, and we took it slow. After dealing with asthma for 3+ weeks, I needed to take it slow. With intervals of 30 second run to 3:30 walk, slow was definitely our pace. However, it didn’t even matter…I was so happy just to be outside that I would have done anything! The leaves are changing colors in our neighborhood, and they look beautiful. I got to see another sunrise this morning, that was absolutely beautiful. I got to spend some time with my sister and my daughter – and I got 3.20 miles in!

Everything felt really good, and I am certain I can up my pace for my next run and be okay. I’ve been looking at the Brazen Race calendar again, in hopes that I will be running a race with them soon.

Well, until my next post – wishing you many more miles, and smiles!

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Delta Harvest Run

Do you know, that it has been over a year since I last ran any sort of race? Seems kind of crazy, since it wasn’t too long ago, that I was running almost every single weekend! Prior to this race, the last one I ran was in August of 2016.

I signed up for this race completely on a whim, and very last minute. It was a very small, local race. It wasn’t Brazen Racing, that’s for sure! I signed up as a birthday gift to myself. The race was close enough that I could walk home after it was finished, so I figured it would be easy to get to/from and a good gauge for me since I haven’t run consistently for a while now.

My sister dropped me off near the start line, and I waited for the 5k to line up. There were half, and 10k races running as well – and yet it seemed like there was just no one there. When it was time to line up at the start, I felt like I could count the number of runners on one hand! (There were slightly less that 100 runners, but I am used to race corrals having many, many more runners in them!) Due to the races extremely small attendance, I was kind of afraid that I might actually come in last or something! I am usually a “middle of the pack” runner, but with so few runners, I felt like my slow, untrained self would surely be left in the dust!

I went out really fast of the first mile…I felt a lot of pressure (from myself!) to keep up with the other runners, because I didn’t want to be last. But, alas, my 10:52 pace was much too much for me to be able to maintain, and I ended up having to take a walk break just after the first mile marker. My pace after the first mile was pretty sporadic. I ran/jogged/walked and averaged about 12:27 mile pace the rest of the race.

Running the race was a bit of a reality check for me. My postpartum, untrained body really felt pretty terrible during the race. I ached in places I had never ached before, I felt awkward and uncomfortable the entire time because my form was off. I got frustrated, and a little upset that I felt so discombobulated during the entire length of the race.

Once I finally completed the run, all of that changed though. Crossing a finish line is really great therapy! The race wasn’t my best by a long shot, but it felt great to be in my element again – even running a road race, and not my beloved trail running.

It has inspired me to keep training, so that I could improve my running and hopefully run a better race next time.



Where in the World Have I Been?

My blog posts are so few and far between these days that I’m not sure I have any followers left. For those of you who are there and still follow along- thanks!

Since my last post, which was 3.5 months ago, I have been up to a few things.

I’m still figuring out my new life as a new mom. Being a parent is a lot of things rolled up into one tiny human that basically takes over every aspect of your life. It has be a wild ride so far, full of change, growth, and learning.

Boy oh boy, do I miss the days that I could just go to the gym whenever I wanted without a thought or a worry! I can kick myself for all the times I complained about going, or for all the times, I thought I was “too busy” to go. I may have been busy, but not this kind of busy! Being a mom is all consuming! If I have any time at the end of the day, I usually just end up going to bed, so I can try to get some much needed sleep!

I feel like 99.9% of my physical and mental energy go into taking care of the baby and the house, and what I have left I have to divide between myself, my boyfriend, and my cats and the rest of life’s adventures.

To put it lightly: I. Am. Spent.

Since I have returned to work, and the baby is now in daycare during the week – I use my lunch hour to try and squeeze in small workouts during the week. I have never been more thankful for a treadmill in my life. It really is one of the only ways I  can get in a quick run these days.

I did my first solo run at the gym on August 12th. It wasn’t long, it wasn’t fast – but it felt like the greatest run of my life. I was so grateful for that treadmill and the 45 minutes  I spent on it. With each step and each drop of sweat, I felt renewed, relieved, and happy. I felt like a small piece of “the old” me was finally able to come out, that has been buried since giving birth. Finally, something that felt familiar and comfortable. My life hasn’t felt that way since May!

If you were following along at all with my very sporadic posts, you might recall that I was attending the Stroller strides classes during my maternity leave. I went a handful of times, but not as much as I thought I would…which is kind of a bummer. I found it so hard to make it to the classes on time, and to just find the motivation to go. I kind of wish I had gone more often, but on the plus side – they host seasonal run clubs, and I did sign up for that. (More on that later!)

I managed a few Nike Training club workouts, but have kind of fallen off the wagon when it comes to those too.

I still haven’t really nailed down a plan or a schedule of any sort, and I thought that once I got back to work –  it would be much easier to make it a part of my day. But, now that I am back to work, I realized that its taking me time just to mentally adjust to being back at work!

I’ve decided to cut myself some slack. Some weeks I make it to the gym 3 days, and some weeks I barely fit in one workout a week….but with everything I have on my plate, any workout during the week is one I consider a win!

Stay tuned for more posts on the run club experience, a 5k I did, and what else I have planned!


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Getting Back in the Saddle

Hello everyone! 

I hope you are well. Me? I’m exhausted. 

I had a rough night with the little one on Wednesday night. It included projectile vomiting and very little sleep. 

Which made getting out the door Thursday morning very difficult. 

I overslept by an hour, had to shower to get the baby vomit off of me, had to breastfeed and pump, and pack up the car. Luckily we made it in the nick of time… 

I tried a mother/baby group fitness class today called fit4mom. 

It’s some running/walking, high intensity and resistance training all wrapped into a one hour session. All the while your baby is chilling in the stroller as you sweat, and work yourself to death.

For some reason I had a lot of anxiety about going, maybe it was the group aspect, maybe it was taking the baby out, maybe it was both – whatever the cause it made me second guess going, especially after no sleep! Alas, I told myself to fight the negative thoughts and just go. 

There’s an introduction during the warm up, and then a 60 minute circuit that keeps you moving.

It was different. I’m not much of a group type person. I tend to keep to myself and am pretty shy. But there were some friendly hellos and such. 

Working out with an 8 week week old infant is mentally challenging for me. I am so used to having my gym sessions as my time – The time I use to dedicate to me. With the baby there, I’m still in mommy mode, which means I am more focused on her well being and comfort than I was on my workout. 

Ultimately I signed up and plan to continue. The uncomfortable parts are the reason why. This is my new normal so I have to Get used to working out with the baby in tow- and still be able to put in my best effort.

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A Mother Runner.

Hello all. 

Once again I have let time skip by without any posts. 

The condensed version of why, is that I’m a mom now…and I have little to, no free time. As it is right now, I’m passing up much needed sleep and hoping she won’t wake up anytime soon so that I can type this update quickly on my phone…

I delivered at 41 weeks. It was a long pregnancy, and although each day felt long – the time flew by. 

She is healthy and happy…well except for the occasional grumpy look she casts my way.  

Life with her is extremely different than my old life. 

Parenting is hard. But, I love her. 

I’m only 6 weeks in, and although I don’t anticipate things to ever really be easy – I’m hopeful I will get better at it. 

With such a drastic life change, exercise has been difficult. (I laugh now, because I thought fitting in exercise was difficult before…I was wrong.) The first 5 weeks, I think I went on 2 short walks. That was much different than than my post pregnancy vision I dreamed up. I thought I’d be able to go on morning walks every day… 

That just screams newbie. 

In real life – I could barely function. I was (and still am) exhausted, both mentally and physically. It hurt to walk, I needed to recover from my labor and delivery and all of the stuff that  came with that. The two walks I went on, took every ounce of energy that I had and it hurt.

Then at week 5 I went to the Dr and was cleared for exercise with the instruction to start slow. That evening I opened my Nike Training Club app and attempted a beginner workout. 

It was hard. Jumping exercises were difficult and awkward. Ab exercises felt almost impossible. I worried the whole time that she would wake up during my workout. I had to pause a few times to check on her, and once to pee… that was annoying. 

 Unfortunately, that was the only workout I could fit in that week. 

Then on Sunday of last week, I attempted my first walk/jog. It had been months and months since I legitimately ran. So I knew this would he difficult, not just because I haven’t run for a long time, but because I’m 20 lbs heavier, tired, out of shape, and really just mentally out of the game.  At first I was set to run for 30 seconds and walk for 5 minutes. But then I felt like that was too slow…so I changed the walk portion to 3 minutes. 

The first 30 run segment hurt so bad. And so did the 2nd…and the 3rd.

I started to feel discouraged. As soon as I hit the 30 seconds I needed to stop running just to catch my breath. I kind of wanted to quit. 

But, I continued on. And ultimately ran/walked a 5k. Once I was finished I was so excited. 

Once a runner, always a runner. 

I had to run circles in front of my house to make the .10 for the official 5k. 

Pushing a jogging stroller changes running a lot. It changed my form, and it adds weight. I struggled to get comfortable with both.

Did it make me miss the old days of single/free running?

Hell yes. A lot. 

But, this is a new adventure. And a new physical, and if I am honest – mental challenge. 

I am having a hard time making time for exercise. 

I was supposed to go this morning at 7am. Instead, after a restless night with the little one, and what feels like a cold – I ended up sleeping right through my alarm. By the time I actually got up and was functioning it was almost 11am and the temperature outside was already 95°. 

No thanks.

Now, I’m literally sitting here in my gym clothes…typing this blog that has actually taken me 3 days to type – because she’s asleep on my lap. She’s fought her naps all day, so I have left her sleep without moving just so she can rest and I can have a break. (Daddy is at work.) 

So…I’m hoping that tomorrow – tomorrow I will wake up on time and beat the sun so I can try to run. 

It’s not easy…

But now, I’m a mother runner. 🏃

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It’s been a long time.

Hello everyone. It’s been quite a long time. Looking back my last blog post was on January 1st, and here we are approaching May 1st. 

My break from blogging wasn’t intentional, it just kind of happened. To be honest, there wasn’t really much I could write about. Due to my pregnancy, my gym routine and diet went out the window. I’ve dealt with “morning sickness” the entire length of my pregnancy, which is now just shy of 38 weeks.  

The days have felt long, but the time has felt so short – it’s hard to believe that my due date is almost here, and really at this point, she could arrive at anytime.

I’m both excited and nervous about the upcoming changes. Admittedly, I’m more nervous at this point. I just hope that when the time comes, my maternal instinct will kick in, and things will he slightly less stressful than what I’m imagining them to be. 

With each passing day, the countdown to when I will (hopefully) be able to start running again gets shorter. Running, training, gym time and all of that will be much different than what I was once accustomed too. 

Gone will be the days where I could haphazardly schedule my gym time at really any time during the day. I’m certain that most of my workouts will be at home workouts, scheduled around nap times and feedings. 

Also, my running will soon include a jogging stroller and a mini running companion.

I’ve researched local “mom running and/or exercise groups” that I might be able to join to try and make workouts more fun, and to find ways to get outdoors as well. 

Unfortunately, I have gained way more weight than I was told too. Believe me, that was not intentional, or expected. 

I will be honest and say, I definitely miss, and ultimately appreciate my pre-pregnancy body. Carrying the extra weight has been much harder than I ever thought it would be. I am currently at the highest weight I have ever been in my entire life. And while I understand that it is because I am pregnant, it has still been difficult for me to watch the scale continuously go up. 

The amount of excess weight is most likely contributed to my unintended lack of exercise, and the fact that my diet is more about eating what I can keep down (which has been a lot of carb-type foods) as opposed to what is healthiest.  My body is not used to that at all – combined with pregnancy, what was supposed to be 25 lbs of weight gain is currently at 46lbs. 

At the same time, to date I have been fortunate enough that my pregnancy has ultimately been uncomplicated in the grand scheme of things. The baby has continued to grow, all labs, appointments and tests have been good and all show that she is in good health. So, I will take that and worry about getting my pre-pregnancy body back (or as close as possible – pregnancy changes a woman’s body in so many ways…) later. 

It might be a little while before I make another post. Most likely it will be after the baby arrives, and after things settle a bit. 

So here’s to my upcoming new life…hopefully you will stick around as I figure out how to be a runner and again, and a mom!