Losing weight, and casts.

Good morning everyone. It’s actually slightly after 3am…but I can’t sleep, so blogging sounded like a good idea.

On Tuesday I went to the doctor and they cut off my cast.


Then the doctor examined my foot… It’s actually gotten worse and not better, so I now have an MRI set for 12/30. Hopefully that will finally provide some answers. I’m now back in the walking boot, but have orders to stay off my foot as much as possible. I’m thankful I don’t have another cast on…that thing was beyond annoying, and totally inconvenient.

In the mean time, I’ve been plugging along with my weight loss efforts, and although it’s moving much slower (due to no exercise,) it is moving in the right direction. So far I’m down slightly over 8 lbs in 3 weeks. It really has been an adjustment when it comes to food. The realization of how out of control my portion sizes were, and how poorly I was eating has been a lot to take in.

But, it’s a good thing.

That’s all I have for you for now…

Have a great day. :)

Since I’m not running…I’m gaining weight.

Have I told any of you how much I really miss running?

I miss it a lot.

I imagine myself running along during a cold fall morning. Listening only to the familiar silence of my favorite trail. The rhythm of my breath and the sound of my shoes hitting the dirt.

The cold air pushing through my lungs, the heat of my body pushing it’s way out from under all of my layers.

The smell of wet dirt, and trees surrounding me.

That feeling of every worry, thought, and daily pressure wafting away with every mile.

I crave running.

And yet…there’s nothing I can do. Except for looking down at my cast…and cursing it!



Blah. It hasn’t been fun…even showers are a pain with this thing! I know it’s only temporary, but right now it feels like it’s been on FOREVER.

In the mean time, I’ve been pretty lazy. It makes me realize how I took my previous days for granted! Also, I’ve kind of lost track when it comes to eating. I pretty much just ate, drank and whatever else without any thought. Why? Because that was comfortable. I mean who doesn’t want to drink wine and carry on with their friends and loved ones – without counting the calories or worrying how many burpees would be needed to undo said damage?!

Well it’s all catching up with me. My weight is creeping up daily, and I honestly don’t feel to well. I’m tired and puffy. Slow and achy.

The worst is when I put on a pair of jeans that just a few weeks ago were loose…now they’re tight and causing the infamous muffin top. Gross.



On Monday my doctor told me that he wanted me to stop all weight bearing and to use crutches. This was even more frustrating. With the realization that any form of exercise would now be even more difficult, I decided I needed to do something.

I am a firm believer that weight management is an 80/20 ratio. 80% is food and 20% is exercise. I can (and literally have) work out every day, all day and still gain weight because my food is all wrong. I can also (and have!) Not work out at all, and lose weight just by the food I eat.

Now of course when things are normal, I do both. That way I’m not only at a healthy weight, but I’m also fit.

I’ve tried many things in order to eat properly, and for some reason the only thing that seems to work for me is Weight Watchers. I am the kind of person that needs structure and also something that is easy and that makes sense to me. And WW is exactly that. So. After Mondays news, I signed up.

It’s kind of funny when you start tracking your food intake again. Measuring makes a huge difference, because my memory of what portion sizes are supposed to be – is apparently way off.

Also, I’ve realized how much junk food I was eating before…and how much I missed eating it this week. (Read that as – withdrawals!)

This week was actually a lot harder than what it was a year and a half ago when I was on the program. A few things are different. One, as already stated – is that I’m not as active as I was at that time.  When I’m active, I automatically eat better. I don’t feel the need to eat bad foods. Two, I was single back then. Everyone knows it’s a little harder to stick to your guns when you’re in a relationship. Going out to eat, or having drinks adds up quickly.

But, I still made it through the week. Tomorrow is my weigh in day, and although I’m not expecting a huge initial loss – anything is better than going up.

A Double Turkey Weekend.

Hello Everyone.

I’m pretty sure everyone is recovering from copious amounts of turkey and pumpkin pie. I hope your Thanksgiving was great, and I hope you had a moment to reflect on what your thankful for.

Me? Well. I woke up early to head over to Point Pinole Regional park on Thanksgiving day for Brazen Racing’s annual Nitro Turkey 5 and 10k races.

Except I wasn’t running in the race.


I don’t think I’ve updated you all, but I’m no longer in a walking boot…I’m now sporting a fancy new cast.

Unfortunately my tendon was not healing the way the podiatrist wanted it too, so a cast was the next step in efforts to immobilize it.


Boo. :(

Due to this… I had to accept that running, walking or even crawling in this weekends races was not an option. So in order to keep my streak alive, I decided to Volunteer. Races can’t really happen without the help of the volunteers that wake up early to set up, run, and take down all that the race has to offer.


For Nitro, I was stationed at the merchandise table. It was fun to still be at the race, and to wave and cheer for my friends and family that were participating. But it was heart wrenching when the horn blew and I had to sit out and watch everyone leave without me. 


It’s a humbling experience though. It makes you realize what a privilege it is to be able to participate.


My sad face since I couldn't run.

Today, was the second race held at Quarry Lakes in Fremont.
Quarry Turkey is a 5/10k and half marathon.


The weather called for rain, so I literally wrapped my cast in seran wrap and headed out. Thankfully it never rained, but it would have been okay because today I was stationed at food and it was a covered area.
Brazen is known for their amazing post race buffet. And it takes a lot to keep the tables stocked for the hungry runners.



Once the runners come in, everything moves so fast…

Again I was happy I at least still got to be out with everyone and that I got to see my friends and even meet new ones.

Because I’m streaking and because I was still present at the race, I was still given a medal that will go into my streaker shadow box.

The bonus of the double turkey races is that if you do both you get a third medal that connects the two…so you get a turkey mega medal!


So the streak continues…even in a cast.

I’m still here…sort of.

Hello Everyone. I hope you’re enjoying your beautiful Fall Saturday Morning. I’m laying in bed trying to decide what I want to do today. I’ve thought of everything from running errands, to just running away completely. (Remember…the name of the blog is “Running from it All” for a reason!)


I have not written blog posts consistently for a while now. Also, because WordPress is driving me insane weird, I find that I’m not seeing all the posts of those that I follow. It’s kind of hard to go to each blog individually to see how everyone’s doing…so I have not really kept up on that either. Sorry Friends! Hopefully I can figure that out soon, because I do enjoy reading your blogs.

As we all know….I’m restricted to the dreaded mother effin boot forever 7 more weeks. It really does suck. It’s heavy and annoying. It makes me sound like a peg legged pirate when I walk down the hallway of my house. It’s totally not stylish and throws off my outfits on date night.

But it is helping.

I can finally stand on my foot without intense pain. I have noticed that my arch, that was previously completely falling to the floor, has regained some of the height it’s supposed to have. It’s still not back to normal, but the fact that it has lifted of the floor is promising.

As far as fitness and training goes, I have done nothing. I went to the new gym twice and swam in the last 2 weeks. But that’s hardly something to celebrate.


I’ve been working insanely long hours at work, and I’ve finally admitted – that it’s just not worth it. Working 12 hours 5 days a week and a few added hours on Saturdays has really taken it’s toll.

Being in a relationship has also played it’s part in my lack of focus. It’s much different dating after going through a crap-tastic marriage and crazy ass divorce then I ever thought it would be. When you’re single, it’s very easy to say that you’ve worked through certain things. But when you’re in a relationship, those things creep up on you like a zombie in the dark. So it has been a challenge for me to sort through all the different things that I have had the “pleasure” of dealing with. Don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend is a great man. I’m thankful for him. I just didn’t realize that I still had so much on my mental plate to sort through! I also think it’s worse, because my outlet (running) is not there to help me process all my thoughts.



I’m pretty much exhausted.

I’ve definitely noticed the difference when it comes to versions of myself during training, and now. Training Jamie is a much better person all around. 

Life is full of seasons, valleys and peaks, changes.

I hate change – but it’s inevitable, and without it – we couldn’t move forward.

So I’ve had to sit back, and take a long hard look at everything I’ve got going on right now.

I’ve decided that even though it’s not financially smart, especially right before the holidays – I have to cut my overtime hours at work, or I’m going to go insane. I just can’t do it. It’s draining me both physically and mentally – and I need a break.

I’ve decided that I have to push myself to get to the pool at least 3 days a week. I also need to try and throw something else in, maybe the bicycle or yoga or modified strength training. Just something.

I’ve decided that I need to try and be social again, and start making time for friends and family – I’ve been avoiding people just because I’m not in the mood for them. I’m really still not….but it’s good for me.

I need to get away from my house because I work from home. So staying in on the weekends isn’t ideal. I feel like I never leave work.

I also need to eat better because my lack of running means I can’t eat like I’m training for a half.

Although I honestly think I’m going to have to back out of the rebel challenge at Disney in January due to my injury, I’m holding out hope that I can still, somehow, miraculously pull it off.


I need that Disney Magic…

A little faith, trust, pixie dust…

Oh and work…I need to put in the work. So I need to make these changes today, or I won’t have a fighting chance.

I can’t give up hope now!



Climbing mountains and Swimming.

As mentioned in my previous post, today was Brazen Racing’s Diablo Trails Adventure at Castle Rock Park.


I opted for the 5k, and walked it.

Yep. I actually walked the entire thing.

My sister started out walking with me. I joked that she was the pacing police, because I tend to get annoyed with walking at a race, and end up taking off. She lasted about 1.25 miles before I was waving goodbye to her and telling her to have fun. Man, I wish I could have run off too. But I had another injured walker to chat with, so it made things easier.


Last...on the trail.

Over an hour later I crossed the finish line and headed straight for the Its-Its ice creams. I don’t have much to say about the race, because it wasn’t really a “race” when you’re walking it.


I am glad I was able to complete it, and that my streak efforts are not dead. Only 5 races left before this is done!


The streak continues.

After the race, my sister and I went over to Sports Basement where I found a pretty new swim suit and some pink goggles, and a black swim cap. (I liked the colors better so I returned the items I bought at Target yesterday.)


When I got home, I put on a swimsuit and headed right back out the door.  I stopped by one gym and placed my membership on hold. I can’t really use the equipment there due to my uber sexy boot. :/

Then I headed over to the new gym, put on my swim cap and goggles and got in the pool.


Uhm...that's a little pyscho

I haven’t swam for exercise in a long…loooong time. I imagined getting in the pool and splashing around like crazy, and barely getting anywhere.

But it wasn’t like that at all. Once a (competitive) swimmer, always a swimmer. I swam, and swam, and swam. I did 35 minutes and by that time my arms and legs felt like noodles. I did slightly over 52 laps (I forgot to hit the lap button on my Garmin a few times.) 

Yes, I used my Garmin in the pool! Yahoo.

I’m hoping the swimming will help keep me conditioned, and help me get stronger during this time. I’m also hoping it doesn’t turn my hair green like it used too. 

On Lock Down.

Hello Everyone. Happy November!

First and Foremost don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour tonight. It’s the end of daylight savings time – which means shorter days, and most likely less outdoor running for most.

I’m still on running restriction.


Well. Actually it’s more like running lock down.

I FINALLY got to see the podiatrist this last week. I honestly feel I should have been sent there first, but that’s not what happened. Anyways…

The podiatrist confirmed the posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction. If you’re not sure what that is…well don’t worry because I had no idea this was even a thing before all this started. Long story short, there is a tendon that runs from the ankle, under the foot. It basically holds up the arch of your foot.

Except mines not doing that. It’s allowing my foot to fall flat to the floor.

And it’s dumb. Oh…and it hurts. A lot.

He said tendons can take 6-8 weeks to heal…but only if they’re immobile.

So guess what?!


Yep. The dreaded boot.

I have to sport this thing for 8 weeks. In 3 I go back go check to see how it’s doing. If the swelling and inflammation is down, that’s a sign it’s improving. If it’s not, I will need another MRI to check for tears.

If it’s torn… I’m basically screwed. Like really screwed.

If it’s not then I will be running again, but I’m not sure when. Which sucks because I have the Disneyland Rebel Challenge in January.

And I can’t even escape the boot till Christmas day…so there won’t be any time for training… And that’s not the first half marathon I’ve done with this same predicament.

Today, I planned to visit the new gym I signed up for to go for a swim. It really is the only thing I can do, and it will keep my cardio in check during this running hiatus. I’m hoping if I swim enough and cross train enough, I can still somehow pull off the rebel challenge.

Except I woke up late this morning…

I was hungry, so I went to make breakfast. I couldn’t find my pancake mix in the pantry so I got mad. That turned into me cleaning out the pantry, which turned into me cleaning the entire kitchen, then the living room, bathroom, bedrooms…

Cleaning the entire house from floor to ceiling (literally) is hard. It’s even harder in a stupid boot!! So it took me longer than normally, but 6 hours later I was finally done.

I then had to go to Target and to the UPS store. While at Target I picked up some essential swim items. It reminded me of my high school swim team days. Oh the memories…again – a post for another day.


I am actually a little scared to start swimming, which I am not too sure as to why. I love swimming, but it’s been a long time. Hopefully it goes well.

Afterwards I headed to UPS. I recently purchased some Brooks Transcends via Running Warehouse. I didn’t even wear them before the podiatrist told me I have to go to the most stable, aka uglier shoes, like Brooks Ariels due to my collapsed arch. So, since RW has an amazing return policy, I am making the switch. They are on they’re way back and hopefully the exchange will be a good one. I’m going with New Balance though. More on that at a later time.

I then took myself to lunch, and finally returned home to do 4 hours of overtime. Boo.

This meant that I didn’t have time to make it to the pool. The gym closes at 8 on weekends, and I worked till 730. I might try tomorrow.

I have a race tomorrow with Brazen. I’m going to try to walk it with my boot on. I honestly don’t think I will be able to do the 3 miles. But as long as I show up and start, and try…my streak will continue.

This boot was made for walking…


Let’s Go 510…

Today I woke up to the sound of rain.

Glorious rain.

I love rainy days. Even more so, when California is in a massive drought!


Today was also a collaborative race between my favorite race company Brazen Racing, and another local Bay Area Race company, Represent Running.


This is the second year Brazen has helped host this race, but it’s the first year they offered a 5k along with the 10k.

I’m thankful for the added distance, only because I’m still not supposed to be running. So, after a seamless bib pickup, I went over and changed distances.

This race starts rather late in comparison to all other races because it is hosted at the Golden Gate Fields Horse Track. Due to horse track time, and the actual horse races we only have a 2 hour allotment for the entire race.


Starting at 10am meant that it was slightly warmer than I wanted it to be, which equaled out to more humidity. Plus with a record of 5000 participants (three times larger than last years race) it was just…stuffy.

I’m sure my constant grumpiness over not being able to run didn’t help my mood today…but I honestly woke up with the intention of having a good day. I’ve been dealing with so much lately and it’s just wearing me down.  


We started in a corral that was divided into 3 areas, but I don’t think many people paid attention to it. There was a charity group that allowed 200 kids to run the race for free. As wonderful as it is to afford children the opportunity to get out and run…to me it was kind of a headache. Unfortunately Sam, our awesome race director for Brazen didn’t so the pre-race announcements. This race is more of Represent Runnings thing, with Brazen helping to keep it organized. So, no instructions were given to the many new runners on the course and it made for some unsafe moments. One of my least favorite things. The 5k and the 10k started together and then the 5k made a quick turn around slightly less than a mile into the race. There were so many runners coming down the line that weren’t paying attention, so when the 5k’ers tried to turn around there were a few collisions…myself included. I did not get hurt, but I was annoyed.

The 10k course goes along the water and is actually pretty nice. The 5k course starts by the water, but turns back to the parking lot, up a small trail, and back to the parking lot….it wasn’t really all that exciting.


My extended leave of absence from running, and from any consist cardio was very apparent today. And quit frankly it bummed me out.

Yesterday I signed up for a new gym for the sole purpose of it having a pool and spin classes. I’m supposed to start half marathon training on Monday for Disney’s Rebel Challenge in January, and so I need something to take the place of running in the interim. After today, I know I have no other options.

At the end of the race you run on the actual horse race track which is made of synthetic and…squishy material. My ankle was not fond of it. I was happy once the race was done.


We stayed to watch the kids race and then called it a day.

Of course I still had an overall good time. But I did feel a little…disappointed. I’m so used to running Brazen Races and am so spoiled by their epic way of running things that running a race mostly put on by another company kind of threw me off. Brazen handled the bib pick ups and, shirts and medals and all that. Represent Running handled the start of the race and apparently the course marking – because it was not done in the typical Brazen Way.

Also the amount of people was a little overwhelming. I’m so used to the smaller, tighter knit, Brazen crowd!

Next year is going to be a much quieter year in the terms of races, and this is probably one I will be leaving off the list.

Another race is done, and the streak continues.


Tarantulas and grumpy pants.

Happy Sunday Readers and bloggers. How are you all doing?

Me… I’m laying on the couch fighting the urge to nap and eat ALL the food.

Yesterday was Brazen Racings Tarantula Run…a new running event for Brazen Racing.


Held at a reservoir, the run was a tiny bit hilly but not so bad. I don’t think I saw one tree though…so to be honest this new course was my least favorite of all the trails Brazen utilizes.

The started the races with a Spider Scramble. A tiny loop course designed for the littlest of little kids. Those are always fun to watch. Race director Sam dressed up as a tarantula and ran with the kids. Unfortunately and “surprisingly” the Tarantula just couldn’t keep pace and came in last place.



I really wasn’t feeling the race at all. I didn’t sleep the night before for more than an hour. My ankle hurt and I was in a pretty grumpy mood. But I had on my spider socks, so that was promising.


One of the issues I’m having currently is that I use running to keep me sane. It really helps with my anxiety levels and when I cannot run – I literally feel like I’m going to crawl right out of my skin! With all my added stress lately, I’m going insane. And it’s making me very grumpy.


I walked the first mile with my sister and her friend who was pushing a stroller. It felt like the longest mile ever. Not because I didn’t enjoy the company, but because I wanted so badly to run.

My mind started thinking about everything I have on my plate right now and I started to feel overwhelmed. I walked ahead of my sister and her friend because my eyes started to tear up.   I reached the top of a hill, and started to jog down it….because my tears started to fall.

I grabbed water at the aid station and then just went off. Walking wasn’t helping me mentally. But jogging wasn’t helping me physically. It’s a rock and a hard place.

I finished my race on about 52 ish minutes. I grabbed some snacks and waited for the others to come in.


I’m now being refered to a podiatrist. Hopefully this will help. Everything feels so off balance right now. I need something to turn around.

In the mean time the Brazen Streak continues.

I’m kind of pissed off.

***Warning…this post has some potty mouth language…because that’s how I feel right now.***

I’ve had a lot on my plate for the last few weeks. First and foremost, is this stupid, annoying, frustrating and painful foot injury. Posterior Tibialus Tendon Dysfunction is the dumbest thing ever.

And the worst part?!

I had an epiphany the other day and realized I think this injury happened while I was doing yoga.



Yep…I wasn’t even running when this shit happened! And here I am almost 3 months later, still feeling like it’s not getting any better.

On top of that work has been a real bitch. The over time hours are excessive, and I’d drop them if I could but I’m trying to be fiscally responsible and pay things off. Like…ASAP. So, I work and work and work…

And still get shit from management when I call in for one day. Gah.

I’ve had a few other issues that I don’t feel like talking about right now, but they suck. But all in all – it’s adding up, and my plate is getting too heavy.

I’ve slacked on working out. I’ve been horrible with eating.

In the last few weeks I’ve gained 10 lbs.

Ten annoying pounds.


It kind of feels like everything is just falling apart. Where I once felt good about my path…I know feel irritated, anxious and frustrated.

So far my 34 year hasn’t been so friendly. Blargh!

But enough ranting at my personal pitty party.

After sleeping all day yesterday, I woke up this morning and decided to clean house. A clean house always makes me feel more focused. Then I went grocery shopping. Although I attempted meal planning 2 weeks ago – I failed miserably. So, I really limited my purchases today and am giving it another go.

I came home and washed my car and did some gardening (even though it was like 90° out, and I felt like I was going to melt into a puddle.) 

Then I went to the gym… And did the same boring routine I’ve been doing…the bike and stairs. Because that’s all I can do. But it’s something, right?


Post gym-resting-bitch-face selfie

I text my trainer and asked if I can strap on some gloves tomorrow and focus on punching some bags at the boxing gym. He agreed and I’m happy because I really need to punch out some of this stress. And anger….

I’m looking at my work, life, training and food plan for the week. I really need to focus on myself….because I just feel so lost right now.

Hopefully this will make things feel slightly better.



If all else fails...

Running in new places.

Well, we all know I’m not supposed to run. And we also all know that I constantly do stupid things.

This last Sunday I left for somewhat of a mini vacation in South Lake Tahoe. I tagged along with my boyfriend, who had some business to tend to while there. Which meant I had to entertain myself during the day, until he was able to join me in the evenings.


Hello California drought...

On Monday he had to be up super early, so we had breakfast together and then he headed off to the first set of classes. I went back to the hotel room and pretty much slept the entire day. I was still fighting off my pesky cold, and just felt exhausted.

But by Tuesday, I was feeling pretty antsy and didn’t want to spend the whole day inside the hotel room. So I got up kind or early-ish to go find the hotel’s fitness center. There was a bit of confusion…and I was told it was in the neighboring hotel…I didn’t want to cross the street to go to the fitness center. So, I put on my shoes and headed outside to go for a walk….that turned into a jog.
It was a short two miles, but it sure did feel nice to get out and get some fresh mountain air…until my still sick, asthmatic lungs figured out what was happening and I had a coughing fit.




So red. I blame the altitude...

No more 9-10 minute miles for this injured chic. Nope, I had to take plenty of walk breaks. But, it still felt nice to be out.

Wednesday I could not repeat my exercise efforts because my foot was too sore… So instead I decided to have a few drinks…and to gamble because that’s what you do when your in Tahoe on the Nevada side!



I won on a nickel machine!


We met up with my boyfriends friends and had a yummy dinner, where I tried oysters for the first time in my life.


They were actually really tastey, which completely shocked me. I never knew I’d like them!

We continued drinking and gambling well into the night, and it was a lot of fun.

On Thursday morning I woke up remembering that I am no longer 21 and alcohol feels completely different when you’re in your 30’s.

After all the food I ate over the week, and all of the alcohol I consumed…I’m reminded once again how I must get back on track. Also – that I really need to stop running, because my foot just can’t do it right now.

So here I am on a Friday trying to rethink my whole plan.

Oh well. At least I enjoyed my trip.


Good Night Tahoe