Let’s Go 510…

Today I woke up to the sound of rain.

Glorious rain.

I love rainy days. Even more so, when California is in a massive drought!


Today was also a collaborative race between my favorite race company Brazen Racing, and another local Bay Area Race company, Represent Running.


This is the second year Brazen has helped host this race, but it’s the first year they offered a 5k along with the 10k.

I’m thankful for the added distance, only because I’m still not supposed to be running. So, after a seamless bib pickup, I went over and changed distances.

This race starts rather late in comparison to all other races because it is hosted at the Golden Gate Fields Horse Track. Due to horse track time, and the actual horse races we only have a 2 hour allotment for the entire race.


Starting at 10am meant that it was slightly warmer than I wanted it to be, which equaled out to more humidity. Plus with a record of 5000 participants (three times larger than last years race) it was just…stuffy.

I’m sure my constant grumpiness over not being able to run didn’t help my mood today…but I honestly woke up with the intention of having a good day. I’ve been dealing with so much lately and it’s just wearing me down.  


We started in a corral that was divided into 3 areas, but I don’t think many people paid attention to it. There was a charity group that allowed 200 kids to run the race for free. As wonderful as it is to afford children the opportunity to get out and run…to me it was kind of a headache. Unfortunately Sam, our awesome race director for Brazen didn’t so the pre-race announcements. This race is more of Represent Runnings thing, with Brazen helping to keep it organized. So, no instructions were given to the many new runners on the course and it made for some unsafe moments. One of my least favorite things. The 5k and the 10k started together and then the 5k made a quick turn around slightly less than a mile into the race. There were so many runners coming down the line that weren’t paying attention, so when the 5k’ers tried to turn around there were a few collisions…myself included. I did not get hurt, but I was annoyed.

The 10k course goes along the water and is actually pretty nice. The 5k course starts by the water, but turns back to the parking lot, up a small trail, and back to the parking lot….it wasn’t really all that exciting.


My extended leave of absence from running, and from any consist cardio was very apparent today. And quit frankly it bummed me out.

Yesterday I signed up for a new gym for the sole purpose of it having a pool and spin classes. I’m supposed to start half marathon training on Monday for Disney’s Rebel Challenge in January, and so I need something to take the place of running in the interim. After today, I know I have no other options.

At the end of the race you run on the actual horse race track which is made of synthetic and…squishy material. My ankle was not fond of it. I was happy once the race was done.


We stayed to watch the kids race and then called it a day.

Of course I still had an overall good time. But I did feel a little…disappointed. I’m so used to running Brazen Races and am so spoiled by their epic way of running things that running a race mostly put on by another company kind of threw me off. Brazen handled the bib pick ups and, shirts and medals and all that. Represent Running handled the start of the race and apparently the course marking – because it was not done in the typical Brazen Way.

Also the amount of people was a little overwhelming. I’m so used to the smaller, tighter knit, Brazen crowd!

Next year is going to be a much quieter year in the terms of races, and this is probably one I will be leaving off the list.

Another race is done, and the streak continues.


Tarantulas and grumpy pants.

Happy Sunday Readers and bloggers. How are you all doing?

Me… I’m laying on the couch fighting the urge to nap and eat ALL the food.

Yesterday was Brazen Racings Tarantula Run…a new running event for Brazen Racing.


Held at a reservoir, the run was a tiny bit hilly but not so bad. I don’t think I saw one tree though…so to be honest this new course was my least favorite of all the trails Brazen utilizes.

The started the races with a Spider Scramble. A tiny loop course designed for the littlest of little kids. Those are always fun to watch. Race director Sam dressed up as a tarantula and ran with the kids. Unfortunately and “surprisingly” the Tarantula just couldn’t keep pace and came in last place.



I really wasn’t feeling the race at all. I didn’t sleep the night before for more than an hour. My ankle hurt and I was in a pretty grumpy mood. But I had on my spider socks, so that was promising.


One of the issues I’m having currently is that I use running to keep me sane. It really helps with my anxiety levels and when I cannot run – I literally feel like I’m going to crawl right out of my skin! With all my added stress lately, I’m going insane. And it’s making me very grumpy.


I walked the first mile with my sister and her friend who was pushing a stroller. It felt like the longest mile ever. Not because I didn’t enjoy the company, but because I wanted so badly to run.

My mind started thinking about everything I have on my plate right now and I started to feel overwhelmed. I walked ahead of my sister and her friend because my eyes started to tear up.   I reached the top of a hill, and started to jog down it….because my tears started to fall.

I grabbed water at the aid station and then just went off. Walking wasn’t helping me mentally. But jogging wasn’t helping me physically. It’s a rock and a hard place.

I finished my race on about 52 ish minutes. I grabbed some snacks and waited for the others to come in.


I’m now being refered to a podiatrist. Hopefully this will help. Everything feels so off balance right now. I need something to turn around.

In the mean time the Brazen Streak continues.

I’m kind of pissed off.

***Warning…this post has some potty mouth language…because that’s how I feel right now.***

I’ve had a lot on my plate for the last few weeks. First and foremost, is this stupid, annoying, frustrating and painful foot injury. Posterior Tibialus Tendon Dysfunction is the dumbest thing ever.

And the worst part?!

I had an epiphany the other day and realized I think this injury happened while I was doing yoga.



Yep…I wasn’t even running when this shit happened! And here I am almost 3 months later, still feeling like it’s not getting any better.

On top of that work has been a real bitch. The over time hours are excessive, and I’d drop them if I could but I’m trying to be fiscally responsible and pay things off. Like…ASAP. So, I work and work and work…

And still get shit from management when I call in for one day. Gah.

I’ve had a few other issues that I don’t feel like talking about right now, but they suck. But all in all – it’s adding up, and my plate is getting too heavy.

I’ve slacked on working out. I’ve been horrible with eating.

In the last few weeks I’ve gained 10 lbs.

Ten annoying pounds.


It kind of feels like everything is just falling apart. Where I once felt good about my path…I know feel irritated, anxious and frustrated.

So far my 34 year hasn’t been so friendly. Blargh!

But enough ranting at my personal pitty party.

After sleeping all day yesterday, I woke up this morning and decided to clean house. A clean house always makes me feel more focused. Then I went grocery shopping. Although I attempted meal planning 2 weeks ago – I failed miserably. So, I really limited my purchases today and am giving it another go.

I came home and washed my car and did some gardening (even though it was like 90° out, and I felt like I was going to melt into a puddle.) 

Then I went to the gym… And did the same boring routine I’ve been doing…the bike and stairs. Because that’s all I can do. But it’s something, right?


Post gym-resting-bitch-face selfie

I text my trainer and asked if I can strap on some gloves tomorrow and focus on punching some bags at the boxing gym. He agreed and I’m happy because I really need to punch out some of this stress. And anger….

I’m looking at my work, life, training and food plan for the week. I really need to focus on myself….because I just feel so lost right now.

Hopefully this will make things feel slightly better.



If all else fails...

Running in new places.

Well, we all know I’m not supposed to run. And we also all know that I constantly do stupid things.

This last Sunday I left for somewhat of a mini vacation in South Lake Tahoe. I tagged along with my boyfriend, who had some business to tend to while there. Which meant I had to entertain myself during the day, until he was able to join me in the evenings.


Hello California drought...

On Monday he had to be up super early, so we had breakfast together and then he headed off to the first set of classes. I went back to the hotel room and pretty much slept the entire day. I was still fighting off my pesky cold, and just felt exhausted.

But by Tuesday, I was feeling pretty antsy and didn’t want to spend the whole day inside the hotel room. So I got up kind or early-ish to go find the hotel’s fitness center. There was a bit of confusion…and I was told it was in the neighboring hotel…I didn’t want to cross the street to go to the fitness center. So, I put on my shoes and headed outside to go for a walk….that turned into a jog.
It was a short two miles, but it sure did feel nice to get out and get some fresh mountain air…until my still sick, asthmatic lungs figured out what was happening and I had a coughing fit.




So red. I blame the altitude...

No more 9-10 minute miles for this injured chic. Nope, I had to take plenty of walk breaks. But, it still felt nice to be out.

Wednesday I could not repeat my exercise efforts because my foot was too sore… So instead I decided to have a few drinks…and to gamble because that’s what you do when your in Tahoe on the Nevada side!



I won on a nickel machine!


We met up with my boyfriends friends and had a yummy dinner, where I tried oysters for the first time in my life.


They were actually really tastey, which completely shocked me. I never knew I’d like them!

We continued drinking and gambling well into the night, and it was a lot of fun.

On Thursday morning I woke up remembering that I am no longer 21 and alcohol feels completely different when you’re in your 30’s.

After all the food I ate over the week, and all of the alcohol I consumed…I’m reminded once again how I must get back on track. Also – that I really need to stop running, because my foot just can’t do it right now.

So here I am on a Friday trying to rethink my whole plan.

Oh well. At least I enjoyed my trip.


Good Night Tahoe

Rocky Ridges and DNS’s.

Yesterday was Brazen Racing’s Rocky Ridge run at Los Trampas regional Park in San Ramon.


This is one of the few trails I have never done, and a brazen race I’ve never attempted before. This the the final race in Brazen’s Ultra Half Series, a group of extreme half marathons with extra long distances and crazy elevation gains.


The 5k elevation was close to 800 ft in the short 3.10 miles. Since California is totally confused right now, temps yesterday were in the near 100’s. In the morning it was already in the 80’s. The trail had shaded areas, unfortunately the most intense hill climb was unshaded.

Since I’m not running right now, and since I’ve caught some crazy ass cold that I’m afraid is Ebola or some other crazy insane thing….yesterday was just a good day for a race.

I tried running several times, but no part of my body enjoyed it. It hurt from head to toe. I spent most of the race chatting with others who decided to walk the race.

The race was brutal overall. I heard there was carnage, to what extent I am not sure. I know people who felt like passing out, and others who face planted.

All in all I was happy that I was able to complete the race, and keep the Brazen Streak alive…even if I earned another horrendous 5k time. Gone are the days of 9-10 minute miles…I’m hanging out around 18-20 minutes these days. :/


After the race we headed over to San Jose to pick up bibs for todays Rock and Roll Half marathon.

Ya know… The one I didn’t show up too?

Yep. This is the first race I’ve ever missed in the 4 years I’ve been running. I feel slightly defeated, and mostly sad over it. There would be no way I could do the 13.1 miles. My foot is just not well enough.

I feel even worse that my sister was supposed to run this race today, and she opted not to either. This injury has affected more than just me now. :( bummer.

The plus side is, even if I didn’t have an injury – I’d still have this cold. And trying to run anything with this cold is complete torture! My lungs are seeking refuge….

Happy Sunday everyone.

Back to Basics.

Happy Wednesday Everyone. And happy First day of October! This is my favorite month!


To update on my “Get back to Sexy” strategy, Monday I worked 12 hours, so after work I was exhausted. I still managed to squeeze in a 30 minute strength session. But I didn’t sweat as much as I felt I should.

My pre-made meals have been working well. But working long days hasn’t been. I find that I feel more hungry during the day and I think it’s based on boredom. Anyway, I still managed to stay in within my calories. So that’s a win!

Tuesday was another 12 hour work day, and I also started to come down with a cold. :( So, I skipped any activity and just went to bed.

Today, I still worked 12 hours, but I squeezed in a training session. That’s right. I decided to go back to the boxing gym I used to train at, and see what the personal training options were. My trainer is still MIA. But, there are others there that I am friends with.


So today I started with my new trainer. My workouts are modified and custom due to my injury, but that didn’t stop me from sweating like crazy, and breathing like a crazy person. I’m already sore. And it’s great!


After...trying to breath.

Tomorrow is another super long day. But hopefully I can fit some cardio in.

My first day with prepped meals.

Well it’s day two of my “mission to bring sexy back.” But, it’s the first day of trying out the prepped meal deal.


I have to say, even though it took a lot of time yesterday getting everything ready – today was a breeze. From breakfast to dinner I just grabbed the appropriate container and that was pretty much it. I didn’t have to think about what to eat, which is great for someone like me. When I have to think about what to have, I tend to think with my stomach, which can lead to disaster… In the form of gummy bears, French fries, hamburgers or anything that’s way over my daily caloric intake.


I also tend to think about food all day long… This is the compulsive over eater in me. It’s daunting…and most days I can stay focused and not let the thoughts get to me…but when I’m stressed or tired or just plain ol’ starving hungry –  well it’s bad. But today, I didn’t have to think about food. I already knew what I’d be eating, and that was that. It was a nice break from my normal thought process.


I also didn’t feel hungry all day long, and didn’t feel the need to snack like normal, which tells me that my meals are balanced well. I did feel slightly more hungry this evening, but I think that’s because that’s after I had gone to the gym.

I struggled a little more at the gym today. It was mostly a mental struggle, but I’m also feeling some pain in my knee (yay for being older.) I did 18 minutes on the stairs of death (which is technically not allowed) and 35 on the bike. I’m sorry but the bike drives me nuts…I think it’s due to the sitting. I hate sitting so much. I made it through though and then decided to focus on arms. Either way, 2 gym days is a streak in comparison to the last few weeks, so I’m feeling good.


Tired, but good.

The real test will be this week when I’m working 12 hour days and trying to fit everything else into my life. Hopefully it all works out well.

Things I need to do.

One of the things I need to do, is get back to regular blogging. Sorry people. Things have just been so busy for me lately, and unfortunately not in a good way. It’s not that I’m super busy because I’m training.


For the last 4 weeks I really haven’t done much of anything when it comes to fitness or my over all health.


Courtesy of The Oatmeal.

I’ve worked out maybe 1 time a week each week, and I’ve fallen pray to a super bad diet. The scales moving up, and my body looks like a hot mess. It’s crazy because I can definitely see the difference in my legs/thighs/butt from not doing a damn thing but sitting for 10-12 hours a day at work.

I also feel shitty.

I feel short of breath more often then not, tired, grumpy and irritable.

This unjury really has been the worst one yet, and I still have no clue how it even happened.

So. Lame.

It’s really starting to take it’s toll, because really I’m not supposed to do any weight bearing…like at all. And access to a pool is not in the cards right now.

This last week I celebrated my boyfriends birthday in Monterey.


Monterey, California

It was fun, the weather was beautiful, and I just felt…blah. I felt like all of my clothes were too tight, that everything I ate instantly made me gain 5 lbs, and I just felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I focused more on that than anything else…whether he noticed or not, I’m not sure. But it made me feel bad.

We both talked about the weight we’ve put on and decided it might be fun to have a little competition. It’s usually easier for guys to lose weight than it is for us girls…and I know this. But I’m no stranger to this and quite frankly the added weight is not helping my injury get better.

So yesterday… I was totally lazy. I over ate. And I took the longest nap ever.


But today…today was different. I woke up and took my 5 year old very energetic cousin out to breakfast and to the zoo for his birthday. If you know me, you know that this is a huge undertaking. But, the day went well, he had fun and we both survived.


Because petting goats is fun...

I came home pretty much exhausted, but knew that the gym closes early on the weekends, so I changed and headed out the door.

I did 35 minutes on the bicycle…the only other approved cardio right now. I had the resistance on 11 and the program set to random. It made me sweat and actually made me feel rather… Annoyed. :/

My thighs were burning and I just didn’t want to do the activity. But I made it through and almost 9 miles later I was off the bike and headed to the weights. I mostly worked on core and legs today.

I then decided I needed healthy food. So I went to the grocery store right after the gym…sorry people. But this was serious.

I bought my food, headed home…and began 2 hours of meal prep. I never do this but decided it would help me stay on target food wise…and since I can’t actually train the way I want to, food is essential right now.


I sent pics to my boyfriend to let him know that the competition has begun…

little does he know….I’m only competing with myself.  


Drag-N and Fly-N

Happy Saturday trusty bloggers and readers! I’ve been off the blogging radar since my birthday. Don’t worry…it’s not that I’ve suddenly become senile and forgotten about it. It’s that I haven’t done a damn thing.

Yep. That’s right. I’ve basically been sitting on my ass doing nothing for a few weeks now.

I attempted a work out last week…and made it through 30 minutes before I was just like… “meh.”

I’m still dealing with my injury and all that they entails. So, still no running, weight bearing, or anything… at all. Except physical therapy. But, that doesn’t count. And that sh*t hurts! It’s almost torturous! I can talk about that another day.

Pushing all that to the side, today was Brazen Racings “Drag-N-Fly” at Contra Loma Park in Antioch. Another race that qualifies for the Ultra Series, this trail run is known for it’s hills. They are the kind that you must “Drag your butt up the hill, and fly down it.” Hence, the name.

The 5k was 3.27 miles of hot, dry, dusty, hills and fun. (California, you really need rain!) When I woke up this morning I ended up getting a migraine.


Those are never fun on race days. Or…any day for that matter. I tried all my tricks, and luckily was able to get it to simmer down just enough so that I could get on the road.

My sister upgraded to the 10k, and even though I really wanted too, I decided the doing 5k was already pushing my luck.


Arriving before the Sun

After a very anticlimactic start…(the horn decided to die a peaceful death right at the start of the race, so race director Sam had to yell “Go!” at the last second) we were off and running. I swear I walked the first 10 steps. But again being stuck in the 5k crowd was overwhelming. So I attempted to move up and out of the way. By the time I hit the first hill, I was tired.


Not the hill...

So long endurance stamina. I’ve not run (with the exception of 1 race) for 4 weeks now. My body is forgetting how to be a runner. :/

After the failed hill attempt, I felt the 80℉ temps already on the rise.


Mile 2 was much slower, probably because it contained more hills.

Mile 3 I did speed up again…but there was downhill sections I could blame that on.

I came in at 44:10 for the 3.27 miles. Not too horrible, considering I’m supposed to be doing 0.0 right now.

I waited for my sister who was melting and cursing life itself on the 10k course. I enjoyed some gummy bears and a Super Sundae while I sat on the lawn by the finish line.

We hung out for a bit longer, chatted with friends, ate more snacks, took some pics, and called it a day.

The Brazen Streak Continues.

Welcoming A New Age.

Yesterday was my Birthday.

I love birthdays.

A day all in the name of you! That you get to celebrate your life, your accomplishments, your failures, and you literally get your cake and get to eat it too.

This year I celebrated my Birthday with my Boyfriend.


We started the day by driving to the Napa Valley. California’s famous wine country. It’s funny because I never used to like wine, but over the last year and half I began to appreciate it much more. I found one’s I very much enjoy and thought that this trip would be awesome!

My boyfriend made me a gift basket to take with us so we would have snacks …boy does he know me or what?! He also made sure everything was gluten free! So sweet!

First we went to Mumm Winery in Napa. They are known for their sparkling Wines and Champagne. 



I got to taste three of their sparkling wines, one of which was created by Carlos Santana. It was actually my favorite one!


After that we headed into Napa for lunch, it was delicious!
We then drove the pretty country roads over to another winery via the recommendation of the lady that served us at Mumm. It is a castle! The castle was built with materials all shipped here from Europe. There are authentic pieces in the castle from the 1400s and on. The tour was fun, very educational and ended with a delicious tasting!











After picking up a few bottles of wine, we headed to down town Napa to check into a cute and historic hotel. Thankfully the earthquake that struck did not damage it.


We then had a lovely dinner and took a stroll along the river. It was An absolutely awesome day!

I appreciated every minute of it, and am thankful for the entire thing. I’m praying that 34 will be an awesome year.