When everyone else gets to train…and you’re just sitting there icing.

I’m supposed to do yoga today. But last week when I did yoga, standing in the poses and even sitting with my foot flexed hurt too much. After not being able to walk to well all day yesterday, I decided just to ice today.


But for some reason I totally went on some crazy food binge. My weight has been going up, and this does not help my hip/ankle pain at all.

I’m going to accept that I messed up today when it comes to food, and try again tomorrow. Tomorrow…will be more like a detox.


How I feel...

Bear Creek 10k

I couldn’t really think of a fun title for this post. So, I kept it basic and to the point… On Saturday I participated in another Brazen Race!


Held at Briones Regional Park, the race is part of the Ultra Series due to it’s longer than normal race lengths and intense elevation. I was originally signed up for the 5k because this is one of the few Brazen Races I’ve never done before. But my training plan called for 6 this week. I’m still attempting to stick to my training schedule as much as possible, even though I’m having to alter a lot of things due to recent (medical) events. So, I decided to upgrade to the 10k. 6.3 miles of trails and 1300 feet of climbing in the first 2.5 miles…not so bad, right?!


The weather was favorable, with overcast and foggy skies at the start of the race. It did feel slightly muggy and humid, but it wasn’t too bad.


Unfortunately this race was one of THOSE races. From the get go, I just was not feeling up to it. The night before I had a terrible time trying to get to sleep. I was awake till 1am and the alarm went off at 430.

My whole body felt tired, achy and like lead. I felt totally dehydrated and just completely off of my game. My ankle was not prepared to run…at all. The miles were slow, painful, and frustrating – but there was a bright side. I got to run the race with my sister. And also, the trail and views were awesome.


I managed to pull in my worst 10k time ever…but that’s okay. 1:44:12 will be the time to beat next time around. :/


I found this on the trail...

I’m just happy that I made it across another finish line. The Brazen streak continues!


We couldn’t stay long after the race because I had to rush home in order to make it to my friends baby shower in time. It was fun celebrating with friends and enjoying the day.


I was on my feet a lot because I was helping at the shower. By the time I got home, I was in tears due to the pain from my ankle. I iced it and literally crawled in bed by 7pm. By 730, I was asleep. I really needed the rest. When I woke up this morning my ankle had stiffened up so much that I was unable to bear weight on it. It was a rough Sunday, but I managed to get all the things I needed to accomplish done.
I’m not really ready for another Monday, but

oh well.

Enjoy another week readers!

The dumbest day. Ever.

Today has pretty much been the dumbest day that I’ve had in a very long time.

It started when I woke up feeling super yucky. My migraine was still lingering from the weekend…I hate that.

Then I started work at 6am but my computer was running very slowly. So annoying.

I went to my new doctor today. I was kind of shocked when he walked in, because he was a total hottie. It made me a tiny bit nervous actually. Aside from that he was very nice and unlike my previous doctor, very thourough. I was also examined by a medical student so it was like a 2 for 1. I was in the room discussing things for an hour! It was very beneficial to talk to a doctor who runs as well.

Thankfully he felt that physical therapy will benefit me. (My previous doctor felt it would be a waste of my time.)

After reviewing the xray and MRI, and after bending and poking at everything – it was determined that thankfully this is not bone related. It’s not IT Band, or runners knee, or pirifomis syndrome, or any of the other common running injuries. He feels that I may have injured my hip early in the year and due to my heavy race schedule and continued running, it never fully healed. Because I’m compensating for my hip pain, my knee and ankle are taking the brunt of that…and now my whole left side is effed up. He feels I actually have lower back issues that is most likely contributing to the hip issue.

Scoliosis…which is causing the degenerative disc disease in my lower back. Which, he said high impact exercises like running, doesn’t help.

He encouraged me to consider not running for an extended period of time. He said swimming would be the best thing for me.

He told me to stop signing up for races (he is aware I’m signed up through May of 2015) and to work on building core strength and other things for a while.

He never actually said I had to stop running forever.  But he encouraged non-weightbearing exercises so much that I just felt like he was trying to covert me or something.

I get back to work and deal with extended hours and a computer that refused to work.

I was feeling so bummed by the time I got off work…but I headed to the gym anyway. I had 4 miles scheduled for today. I ended up doing 35 minutes on the bike which turned into 8 miles. Then I did 2 miles on the treadmill.

It was okay.

Except my iPod broke. Is that a sign?


I’m so ready for this day to be over. I will let this all sink in and figure something out later.

The Ups And Downs Of Half Marathon Training

I was feeling pretty hopeful with last weeks training streak. As mentioned, Monday and Tuesday I was still on track, but Wednesday loomed with overtime and other plans. Thankfully I managed 30 minutes of endurance yoga. Allowing for some sweat, strength and stretch! Thursday was much harder. It was a long work day, and I wasn’t feeling well due to a migraine. I was supposed to run 3.5 miles and do strength…instead I opted to spend time with my boyfriend…(still getting used to that term!) 

Friday came along and I had hoped to make up my miles, but I worked more overtime and had plans to meet a friend for dinner. I didn’t get home until after 830 and the gym closes at 9 on Friday’s. On top of that, I was feeling beyond exhausted and still not feeling well. Saturday I worked more overtime and had a very busy day of catching up with a lot of things. Cleaning out my garage, shopping for all the boring things, cleaning house, and washing my car. By the time I was finished, I was just physically done. I never made it out for my workout and had no intentions of making it up. 

I have just been feeling so unmotivated lately. It mostly stems from the hip/knee/ankle pain that has been causing so many issues. But working so much overtime is not helping either. 

Last night I went to bed early, and I slept in until after 830 this morning. When I woke up, my ankle was so stiff that I could barely put any weight on it. I was confused considering all I did yesterday was walk around all day. This isn’t even the ankle that I’ve sprained several times. It’s the ankle on my left, which is the same side as the hip issue. I am thinking it is all somehow tied together. So, out of frustration, I limped to my office and searched online for a new physician. Specifically one who runs…because I feel that would help them understand my position and my injuries. Luckily I found one! I have an appointment on Tuesday morning.

I am praying something good and helpful will come out of this. 

I finally made it out the door today, still feeling completely unwilling to do anything.

I taped up my ankle, put on compression sock, and a brace and got to work. Today’s scheduled plan was 5 miles. I had to stop a few times, I had to walk a few times, and I had to run slower overall. But I completed the run. 5.40 miles (per the treadmill, Nike+ was somewhat ahead of that) in 65 minutes.
PS – it’s annoying when Nike decides to stop mid run!


I am thankful I made it through, and feel (mentally) better than I did before the run. I hope next week will be a good one. My weekly mileage is increasing – but overtime and life isn’t calming down anytime soon. 


Half marathon training continues.

You may be surprised to know that I actually stayed on track all week last week with my half marathon training plan. With one minor swap – switching my rest day from Friday to Thursday. I had to because I had tickets to see Dierks Bentley, and there was no time for fitness that night. Especially after the moonshine. Ha!


But I felt pretty good, even though I had to smash my running days into back-to-back sessions. It seemed to work out, because even though I ran over 4 miles on Friday night, I still managed to get a PR on Saturday at Summer Breeze! Admittedly, by Sunday I wanted to skip my gym session. But I had committed to meeting a friend. If you know me – you know this isn’t really my thing at all. I prefer the solace of working out alone. But it worked out, and so did I. So….win.

Last night was yoga night. I had a long Monday and just wanted to sleep by the time I got off work, but I managed to squeeze in a 30 minute yoga session that focused on “sustained burn.” It was effective and fast.

Today I cranked out another 4.02 miles at the gym. I was struggling at mile 2 because of some stomach issues. But ultimately finished. I stopped my Nike+ before the cool down so it wouldn’t slow my recorded pace…but you get the idea. image

Tomorrow I have a lot going on, so hopefully I can fit everything in.

Nothing says Summer like a Breeze and Pumpkin Ice Cream

Here we are halfway through another Saturday, and here I am laying on the couch.

Don’t worry. I didn’t succumb to the lazy-bug, well I kind of did… but only after running another 10k with Brazen racing and a few thousand of my brazen running friends!


Today was Brazen’s Summer Breeze run. One of the very few (read that as two) races that they offer which is pancake flat. This is probably one of my favorite races of the year. Even in the summer time, when Bay Area temps are hanging out in the 90°’s, this location stays relatively cool in the morning, with a nice breeze that comes off the San Francisco Bay.

Today was no exception, which I am thankful for, because it has been HOT and getting hotter the last few weeks.  After so many races this year, I woke up this morning just not wanting to run. But, oddly enough I was antsy about getting to the race on time and crossing another finish line.


Of course parking, bib pick up, bonus sweatshirt pick up, and distance upgrading for my sister was a piece of cake. Before I knew it, we were being set off by race Director Sam. My goal for today was to try and get a course/10k PR. But with some nagging ankle pain that mysteriously showed up after Bad Bass last week, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. So, I just put one foot and front of the other and kind of got lost in the rhythm and thoughts. Thankfully, I actually felt really good physically and mentally as I was running along the waterlined course today. My breathing was steady and comfortable, my ankle and hip didn’t really give me any trouble, and I just felt strong. Also, for the first time ever I didn’t even need to stop at any of the 4 aid stations for water or anything! Mentally I just kept things positive telling myself that I could do it, and to stay strong!

It all came together and before I knew it I was looking at the finish line! The race seemed to fly by! I was super excited to see that I did in fact set a 10k PR at 1:06:25. Someday I hope to break an hour! But I am inching closer to it!



Afterwards my sister and I went through our normal race day shenanigans of saying hi to friends, checking race times, taking post race photos and of course hitting up the Brazen Buffet. Today I decided to try one of the best parts of the brazen post race snacks and went for an Its-it. They have pumpkin flavored ones! Pumpkin is my favorite flavor and we all know it usually only comes out during the Fall! (Also, my favorite time of year.)


It’s-it’s are not gluten free due to the oatmeal cookie, but the great thing is – you can totally pull that part off!

It. Was. Amazing.


After the race my sister and I hit up Chipotle (sorry….enjoyed it way too fast and forgot to take a pic.)

Today was a great day and I’m feeling awesome! The Brazen Streak Continues…12 Brazen Races left to tackle this year!


Workouts and Secrets.

Can I just say that this week has been…annoying. Mostly work annoying, but still – annoying. For that reason, I’ve been pretty grumpy all week long. Being grumpy means I don’t want to do anything. I just want to relish in my grumpiness, eat ALL the food, and curse the (work) world around me.

But…I can’t do that because there is no time for such mayhem and foolishness.


So, instead I started Monday off with 45 minutes of yoga. I was incredibly sore and stiff, especially after working overtime. The yoga seemed to help my screaming aching muscles and of course helped to calm me down a bit as well. The plus side to yoga days is that I can do them at home. This means I don’t have to fight traffic getting to the gym, nor do I have to deal with people.


Tuesday I was pretty stressed out, and again it’s all because of work.


Make that a 10-12 hour wait...

Work was piling up and the emails from management were stupid plentiful. I had evening plans that I was seriously looking forward too, but had to figure out how to fit everything in. This is where I have to let you in on a little secret.

I’ve hinted around, but the fact of the matter is – I am no longer a single girl training for her 5th half marathon.


I’m officially in a relationship.


It’s been fun, exciting, wonderful,  admittedly a bit scary (but in a good way), and a bunch of other things all at once. Talk about a whirlwind! But it’s also been HARD! Trying to keep up with my training schedule is not the first thing on my mind. I mean – who wants to do burpees and tons of miles when you can go on a date and have all kinds of fun?!

Not this girl.



Alas…my half marathon is still set for October 5th and those 13.1 miles could care less about my relationship status. So, after clearance from my doctor (since they have no idea what the hip issue is) I decided to regain my focus.

The best part? My non-runner boyfriend encourages me to stay on track and to do my training. After telling him I had 3.5 miles planned for yesterday, he said “no rush, do your run and we can do dinner whenever you’re done.” Relief – no time constraints.

So, I managed to fit in my OT hours, 4.02 miles in 42 minutes on the treadmill, and still get ready and to dinner before it was too late!

Today however, I am growing more weary. After another 10 hour day, I was feeling tired and frustrated with managements antics. I was so close to missing my planned crossed training for today. I put on my shoes and told myself “30 minutes, that is nothing compared to how long I just spent working”…right?!

45 minutes and tons of sweat later, I was finally done. I combined a few things together, including high knees, mountain climbers, squats, lunges, planks, burpees, jump squats, push ups, sit ups, bicycles,  calf raises and a few other things that I can’t remember right now. (Selective amnesia maybe?) 


The hair says it all.

I hated it. I hated every minute of it. 

But I’m glad it’s done. And I’m glad I can cross another day off the training plan.

Here’s to training even throufh life’s changes. 


Bad Bassin’ and Expo Crashing.

It has been a very long day… But a fun day!

It started with another Brazen Race this morning at “Loch Chabot” – a Scottish themed race complete with bag pipes and runners in kilts.


I thought I was registered for the 10k, but I was actually only registered for the 5k. There was a brief moment that I pondered only doing the 5k, because I was just feeling super tired and quite honestly not in the mood to run today…

For that exact reason, I upgraded to the 10k. I’ve done Bass Bass for the last 3 years, and this course a million times – but have never done the 10k.

The 10k harbours a ginormous hill that’s slightly over a mile long. We are experiencing some summer temperatures here in Nor Cal – and it was already hot at 8 this morning. By the time I reached the giant hill at mile 2, it was even hotter! And with little tree cover along that portion of the trail – I thought I was going to melt! I walked the hill, because it’s almost non-runnable – but ran the rest of the race. My overall time was okay, but not the best. I’m okay with it though. Next week’s course is flat so I’m hoping to do better there.



I enjoyed the 10k course overall and I’m glad I upgraded…

After the race, we headed out to the Presidio in San Francisco with hopes of going to the San Francisco Marathon Runners Expo.



We parked at Sports Basement, and ended up walking a mile and a half to Fort Mason. At that point, I was starting to regret my 10k, because I was feeling all  (now) 8 miles in my hip. Thankfully we made it to the expo in time to hit up the two vendors I wanted to go to: Nuun and KT Tape.


Also by the time we left the expo, we were able to catch the free shuttle back to Sports Basement, I was so thankful for that! I felt like we lucked out today in our timing. We did some shopping at Sports Basement as well, and then called it a day.

I’m so ready for bed, and have decided that tomorrow I am not doing anything but sleeping in, and hitting the gym.

It’s been a long day, but it was enjoyable…and the Brazen Streak Continues! 

Good News and Not So Good News.

Can you believe it’s already Thursday? It seems like this week has not only been completely packed – but it’s just flying by.

In my “attempt” to stay on track with my half marathon training I did yoga on Monday and threw in some body weight exercises after. I think I actually did pretty good with my made-up-mini-circuit because I was super sore on Tuesday and Wednesday!

On Tuesday I had to work late, and then had to head to the local hospital for my MRI appointment to check for a possible stress fracture in my hip. I now know the x-ray report actually says there is “sclerosis of the femoral head” which is why a stress fracture may have been possible per the radiologist.
The only good thing about this whole thing was that it would finally explain why I’ve had hip pain for soooo long
(if in fact it was a stress fracture.)

The MRI process is kind of weird. I spent almost 45 minutes in a tube strapped down with my feet tied together. It’s loud and sounds like an angry bumble bee going crazy with a jack hammer. Definitely not my idea of fun. Within 24 hours of my MRI tube fest, my doctor called with the results – no stress fracture.

As great as this is, my disappointment lies in the fact that I am basically back to square one. I still don’t know why I’m having so much pain all the time. So, I will just continue with the regimine I’ve had and continue to try and strengthen the areas that seem weak.


Wednesday was basically another rest day, because I had tickets for another major league baseball game. This time, I was with the guy that I’ve been dating.

(BTW – insert ginormous smiley face here!)

We had excellent seats! So close to the diamond that I could actually see the faces of the players!


The A’s won this time and it was fun to watch. Plus the weather was great, so it made for a nice summer night.

Today, I had a super long work day. And intermittently missing my workouts for the last two weeks is really catching up with me. I’m feeling the difference! I feel fat, sluggish and just unbalanced. With the MRI clear, I decided I needed to run. (I am ignoring the arthritis issue that I still have…I will figure that out next week.) The first 2 miles kind of sucked,  both physically and mentally – but by the end of my 3.55 miles I felt much better.

Thankfully during the run my hip felt okay. It’s a little sore now, but it’s not too bad. I turned off my Nike+ during my cool down, I didn’t feel like recording that today because I didn’t want it to slow down my average pace time.


3.25 of my 3.55 miles.

Overall I’m pretty happy with tonights pace. I still need to upload it to see the splits, but I know they were negative because it was a progressive run. (I increased the speed every 5 minutes.) It’s not fast, nor is it even my fastest – but it’s pretty good all things considered. I also got some weights in tonight and felt pretty good with that.


I finished my night with a healthy dinner of asparagus, chicken and quinoa…because my eating has been totally off lately…and bad-for-me-food and weight gain doesn’t help hip pain. Or my overall health for that matter!

Tomorrow is already stacked full of things to do, but I’m hoping to hit the gym for some stair action and upper body weights.

Wish me luck.



If you recall last week I went to the doctor to (once again) complain about my hip pain. My doctor didn’t seem to concerned because I didn’t have pain when he wiggled, poked, and bent my leg in all kinds of ways. I pointed to my spot and told him, “this is exactly where it hurts. It feels like an ice pick is jabbing me right here every time my foot strikes the ground. And if I keep pushing myself to run, the pain begins to radiate out from here and goes all over here” (imagine me pointing to my whole left hip, leg, and lower back….in a very exaggerated fashion.)

He said that due to my age it is not really customary to do an xray because most likely nothing will show. I told him I wanted the xray because in actuality – I have been complaining to him since the Brazen New Years Day race. And, have been dealing with it off and on since then. It hasn’t gotten better, so it was time to do something more than icing, Motrin, and foam rolling.

He gave in, and I had my xray done the following day.

I received a call today from my doctor which I already knew was bad news. Normally if the xray was normal, I’d get an email saying so.

But nope. It wasn’t nornal. They see a “linear lunacy on the xray, which represents a stress fracture of the hip.” But to be certain, I now I have to go in for an MRI tomorrow evening.


There’s still a small chance that what they are could be something as innocent as xray light streaks – but the doctor is pretty certain it is a fracture. Either way, I will know for sure after tomorrow.

To top it off, I have developed arthritis in my lower back. The doctor said he doesn’t want to tell me to stop running, but advises that non-weightbearing exercises would be a better option to help slow the progression of the arthritis. I’m going to research this, because I have heard differently in the past.

But either way – arthritis already and I’m not even midway through my



Thanks mom and dad for your crappy arthritic genes!!!!

I busted into a box of mike and ikes because that is how I cope most of the time when things suck.


But then I not only felt bummed about my medical news – I also felt fat and sluggish.

Per week two of my half marathon training plan, today calls stretch and strength…so I did 25 minutes of stretchy yoga and then did 20 minutes of body weight exercises…you know like squats, lunges, push ups, tricep dips, planks, sit ups, Russian twists, and of course burpees. Which totally made me sweaty and made me feel like throwing up.

I’m definitely going to have to completely modify my training plan because my goal is to still be able to run RNR in October. Hopefully.